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Nära Mat Boden works for sustainability, local products and a healthy lifestyle.

We want to contribute to increased self-sufficiency in Boden and the surrounding area and, as a first step in this direction, open a market hall. We hope and believe that this will inspire farmers, livestock keepers, bakers, processors and others to produce more, reduce the distance between producer and consumer, make food more nutrient-dense and help us all live a more sustainable and healthy life.

The association’s goal is to convey products of the highest quality from neighboring municipalities in Norrbotten with priority from the own municipality, thus contributing to increased growth, confidence in the future and regional self-sufficiency. We have selected our products with the utmost care to offer great taste experiences. Our members’ products are genuine and of the highest quality and most of them cannot be bought in a regular grocery store.

The market hall offers producers a unique opportunity to reach a wider audience. Nära Mat Boden focuses on increasing the profitability of locally produced goods.


Are you a farmer, baker or processor and want to reach more people with your products?
You can contact us at info@naramatboden.se and tell us more about your business.
The only requirement we have is that you are an entrepreneur operating in Boden or a nearby municipality.

Welcome to visit us at Kungsgatan 40!

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