Edefors hembygdsförening

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We want to protect and preserve the environment and cultural heritage of the local community and pass on memories and traditions to future generations.

We also want to support the development of the district.

The local homestead with the homestead museum, Kläppgården in Harads, has exhibitions such as “The old farm shop”, “A schoolroom from the past”, “Emigration to America” and historical objects used in household, agriculture and forestry. There is also a large collection of photos, films and newspaper clippings about events in the village.

On Midsummer’s Day, we organise a Midsummer’s Day party in Kläppgården.
Laxholmen in Edefors with summer café and craft sales is open from midsummer to early August. There you can also watch films from the village and see an exhibition about the old salmon fishing. Saturdays there is musical entertainment.

We participate in the winter festival with waffle sales in Kläppgården and open house in Slöjdens Hus.

In the House of Handicrafts you can participate in study circles in weaving and carpentry.

Our bakery in Harads can be rented through the Service Point.

Every year we publish “Glimtar från Edeforsbygden” (Glimpses from the Edefors area) with articles about the area in the past and present.

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Nonprofit associations

Hedens IF

A long-standing association founded in 1928. Today the association has over 200 young people of all ages and the club is growing day by day.

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