Community and training in beautiful nature

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Sävast Ski Team has members from six to 83 years and has the motto “skis for everyone”. Therefore, a ski school for adults has been arranged on Wednesdays. – It is so fun and so much socializing, says veteran Göran Honkamaa.

In Boden we have close to really nice ski trails in a beautiful winter landscape, including in Sävast. This is where Sävast Ski Team, which was started in 1977 and already then, had the zealot Göran Honkamaa. On Wednesday evenings, he and some other leaders from the association holds a ski school for adults, an initiative that started seven years ago.

When we come to visit, the severe winter cold has finally eased and about 30 eager skiers meet in the ski lodge for a short walk before it carries off along the tracks.

– In the beginner group, we only focus on classic skiing and the five gears. In the second group, you ride both classic and free style skiing, says Göran.

First time on skis

Two of the participants are the Italians Simonetta and Roberto Barbieri who practice the basics. They want to learn to ski to enjoy the beautiful nature.

– I only fell once, I’m very happy. It was the first time I tried cross-country skiing, says Roberto.

– It is very interesting and it is going well, I am satisfied. The most difficult thing is to reverse but also to ride without poles. I have to practice balance, it’s not easy, says Simonetta.

Marie Thornéus from Södra Svartbyn goes to ski school to improve her technique. She thinks it is a nice winter activity when she now is participating less in downhill skiing.

– It’s fun today, it’s good temperature and it’s much better than last time. Since this is the second time, I have had time to train a little despite the fact that it has been quite cold. This gives me a lot and they are so good, those who lead it, she says.

The training ends with a fast-paced relay around the ski lodge and then the participants get coffee and a lesson for next week.

Many active children and young people

The association has around 100 active members in the children and youth activities’ ten groups. Theo Mattei recently won gold in men’s-16 at USM and it also became a team gold for women-16. In addition, there are the association’s seven elite juniors aged 17-20.

– They are 19 years old and go as if they started yesterday – the joy remains. I think that is the most fun and that is what breeds the success as well, says coach Tomas Törngren.

To always keep good tracks and lead all training groups, many non-profit workers are required, today the three people who run tracks with snowmobiles and about 40 trainers.

– I do it for the sake of the children. I also went myself until I was a junior, says coach Rickard Åkerlund.

Every Wednesday, a group of seniors, the “Wednesday group”, also meet here in the ski lodge to go skiing, take a sauna and bet on trot. Together with Bodens SK, Vittjärvs IK and I 19: s IF, Sävast Ski Team arranges the Swedish Biathlon Championships on March 29-30 in Pagla. The Wednesday group helps as functionaries.

After 42 years in the association and 79 years on earth, Göran has no plans to retire.

– The fascination is to get out and experience nature and then it gives such good exercise. I feel good about skiing, he says.

The five styles of the classic style

  1. Scissors
  2. Diagonal
  3. Stacking with extension
  4. Staking without firing
  5. Downhill skiing
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