Locally produced in the middle of Boden

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

The new market hall in the middle of Boden encloses both the eye and the palate and has already become the home of many Boden residents. Here you will find everything for both barbecue and snacks.

During the spring, Nära mat Boden on Kungsgatan 40 was finally opened with locally produced food. Here, consumers are reached by almost 20 local food companies’ offerings.

The background is a long-expressed and county-wide need for food clusters and more Norrbotten food on our plates. There was a growing demand for locally produced quality food in times when low prices for foreign goods hailed more and more frequently. Every small individual entrepreneur ran his own marketing and sales. Together they could become much stronger. The situation in the past year has also increased awareness of the need for an increased degree of self-sufficiency in the country and the county.

Boden municipality took an initial coordination responsibility to create meeting places for food producers to meet and shape their cooperation. A number of meetings and extensive work in many stages resulted in the economic association that runs Nära mat Boden.

In one and the same visit, the customer reaches many different local producers, at the same time as the food companies reach out and help with the sales under a common flag.

A complement

– For us, this is a good complement that allows us to reach out with our products in an easily accessible way, says Emelie Rönnbäck, Södra Harad’s farm, who comes to deliver her products of, among other things, angus and lamb during our visit.

Behind the counter and on the shelves, the member companies take turns working.

– Most people think it’s really fun to meet customers like this, says Seija Fallemark, vice chairman, who is currently working with chairman Sara Rezgui.

To be able to sell their products here, you must have a registered company and be a member of Nära mat Boden’s economic association. Anyone who wants can also just be a support member.

– Initially, we are open Thursday to Saturday. As soon as we can, we will also open an online shop, says Sara Rezgui.

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