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BBK Handboll is one of Boden’s largest sports clubs with about 400 active members aged 6 and up. The association is a completely separate association from other BBK associations. BBK Handboll has representative teams in both Women’s and Men’s Division 1. The majority of the players in the first team are also products of the club’s youth teams. In senior activities, we have two men’s teams and one women’s team in league play this season. When it comes to youth activities, we have 9 girls’ groups and 6 boys’ groups training and matching at full speed. In total, this means that we have 18 teams/groups in operation. In addition to these teams, we also organize a handball school for 6-year-olds to attract new players to the sport. This year we have 4 groups running in the handball school with a total of about 40-50 athletes. One of our main driving forces is that we should be a broad association for both boys and girls that attracts athletes of all ages. This means that we also have exercise handball for men and women in the business since a few years back.

This year, teams from BBK Handboll will play more than 300 matches during the season from Jönköping in the south to Kiruna in the north. Every year, we also organize one of Norrbotten’s largest youth tournaments, the Mini Cup, which is aimed at children between 6-11 years and usually attracts about 400-500 participants. In addition to the Minicup, we also organize the Boden Beachhandbollsfestival in the summers and lots of matches, rallies and USM stages during the season.

BBK Handboll a club for life

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