Oddfellow Lodge No. 31 Samuel Gustaf Hermelin

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Hundreds of years in the service of humanity
IN ALL TIMES AND IN ALL PEOPLE there has always been associations working for higher goals. Out of these traditions grew our Order. Since the first historical documents from the mid-18th century, the Order of Odd Fellows has spread around the world and is now represented in most continents. There are about 32,000 members in Sweden and 256,000 worldwide.

The Oddfellow Lodge B31 Samuel Gustaf Hermelin has been in Boden since 1903 and operates from its own building at Fabriksgatan 2 in Boden (behind the Hotel Nivå). If you are a newcomer or a long-time resident of Boden who would like to widen your circle of acquaintances, make new friends and build a larger network where someone can always lend a helping hand in big or small ways, you are welcome to contact us. All men over 18 are welcome as members. There are also two lodges for women within our order here in our city which also welcome new members.

Our meetings are for invited members only and these are held in the Order Room as you can see in the picture. After the meeting, we have a meal together and enjoy the company. Sometimes we also listen to a lecture. Our oldest member is 101 years old and can be seen on the right in picture 2. He is still going strong.

Nonprofit associations

Boden Basket

We play one of the biggest sports in the world and there are great opportunities to develop in our organization as a player, leader or

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