Shooting Star is Aiming High: ” I Really Want to Win” 

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Victor Berglund is a real shooting star in biathlon. With several medals and international competitions behind him this 19-year-old biathlete is now stepping up to the next level. 

Last winter, 19-year-old Victor Berglund from Norra Svartbyn in Boden was selected for both the Youth Olympics in Finland and the Junior World Championships in the USA. 

”The biggest event, I have to say, was the JWC. It was a long trip to Salt Lake City and we were there a week before to acclimatize to the altitude. The international competitions are something completely different, there are so many people. It was great fun and I learned a lot”, Victor explains. 

Biathlon shooting star Voctor Berglund is aiming for victory, he really wants to win.

Shooting with high heart rate

He finished 26th at the JWC, and more than anything he is very satisfied with his shooting results. He had a 90 percent hit rate, which is World Cup level shooting. At the same time, he thinks shooting is the most challenging element of the sport. 

”Partly because you come in with a heart rate of 190 and have to shoot and then it becomes a very psychological thing, you know that a lot is at stake and the margins are small. I usually try to forget that it’s a competition, to focus on myself and doing the best I can. But it really is a wonderful feeling when you hit the target.”

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Biathlon requires skis and a rifle.

Aiming for the World Championships

This year, Victor moves up a level, to the 20-22 age class, and he knows that tough competition awaits. But the feeling is good, the summer training has shown good results and now he is aiming for the opening race of the season. This year’s goal is to get to the Junior World Championships in Kazakhstan. 

”Then we have the Junior Swedish Championships in Boden. That will be one of the most important competitions for me this season and taking part in it at home will be a lot of fun.” 

One thing is certain. Just as his name implies, Victor Berglund really is aiming for victory. 

”I really want to win, no matter the circumstances! But I hope that I’m not at my peak now, but rather in maybe five years and that I can then fight in the World Championships, the World Cup and the Olympics.” # 

Text: Josefin Wiklund / Photo: Mats Engfors 


  • Lives in: Boden and Sollefteå
  • Sports: Biathlon, I 19 IF
  • Studying: Upper Secondary Technology Programme and Biathlon
  • Family: Mother, father and two younger sisters
  • Merits: 2 JSC gold, 1 JSC bronze, 26th place at the JWC, as well as 13th and 19th place at the Youth Olympics
  • Training time: 14 h/week
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