Ice fishing

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A popular winter activity for all ages in Boden is ice fishing. This traditional way of fishing through drilled holes in our ice-covered lakes and waterways has long been a favorite among both residents and visitors.

Ice fishing offers a unique and fun experience for all ages in winter. Here are some important aspects of ice fishing in the municipality of Bodens:

1. The many lakes and rivers: The municipality of Boden is rich in lakes and rivers that freeze during the winter. It provides many options for ice anglers to explore and find the perfect place to dip the lure. Popular ice fishing spots include Luleälven, Fisklösträsk, Hundsjön and many other lakes scattered around the municipality. Note that many places require a fishing license. See below where and how to get it.

2. Fishing opportunities: You can catch many different species such as perch, pike, char and burbot. Whether you are an experienced fisherman or a beginner, there is something for everyone to discover under the ice.

3. Equipment and rules: To enjoy ice fishing, you need the right equipment. Usually this includes:

  • Ice auger to make holes in the ice.
  • Ice fishing rod (a short fishing rod).
  • Lure (which shines and attracts the fish).
  • Bait (every angler has their own preference, from maggot to macaroni or synthetic specials).
  • Warm clothes. Preferably layered when the spring sun starts to warm up.
  • Something to sit or lie on, a mat or seat works well. Locals like to use reindeer skins.
  • Find out what rules and regulations apply to ice fishing in the area, such as fishing licenses, minimum fish sizes and catch limits.
  • If you want to make a fire, you should bring your own wood, stick to the designated fire pit areas and leave it in the condition you want it to be found in.

4. Community and nature experiences: Ice fishing is not only an activity to catch fish; it is also about enjoying the community and the amazing winter environment. Many fishermen bring their families and friends to spend a day on the ice, sharing stories and making memories. A big part of the fun is the moments around the fire with socializing, hot drinks and something good to eat and/or grill.

5. Safety: Ice fishing involves some risks, especially when you are out on the ice. It is therefore important to be careful and take into account the thickness of the ice, water currents and weather conditions. Having the right safety equipment, such as ice picks and flotation suits, is essential to stay safe. If you are alone, it is wise to tell someone where you are and to carry a fully charged mobile phone in case something happens.

Ice fishing in the municipality of Boden is a traditional winter activity that provides a unique insight into the Arctic lifestyle. It gives locals and visitors alike the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature while enjoying exciting fishing experiences. So if you are looking for a different and rewarding winter activity, give ice fishing a chance to make memories and experience the best of Boden’s winter.

Fishing lakes and where to buy fishing licenses

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