Summer fishing

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Boden and its surroundings attract fishing enthusiasts whether they are beginners or experienced anglers. Here, you will find opportunities for the whole family to explore the joy of fishing in an idyllic summer setting.

First, imagine enjoying the summer sun that never seems to set. You stand at the water’s edge, whether it’s a mirrored lake or a foaming rapids, and fish all summer night. The campfire crackles alongside, creating a cozy atmosphere as you try to lure the fish below the surface. Alternatively, in the middle of winter, park yourself on a warm reindeer skin on the ice next to a ice fishing hole. With the sun on your face and a mug of hot chocolate in your hand, you can enjoy both peace and excitement at the same time. You can successfully pull up the pike, the northern crocodile, a struggling beast of 10-15 kilos, during exciting summer fishing. Or you can see the joy in a child’s eyes as they catch their very first fish through a hole in the ice in winter or with a fishing rod on a still summer evening.

Boden has a wealth of opportunities for fishing enthusiasts of all ages and experience levels. You can fish in lakes, forest lakes, calm seas and lively rapids all year round. In addition, there are two rivers nearby with different characteristics.

The Lule River, one of Sweden’s richest rivers, is just a few minutes from the center of Boden. It is developed with several hydropower plants, three of which are located in the municipality of Boden. Between Laxede, Vittjärv and Boden power stations, the river flows peacefully and is surrounded by sandy beaches, forest landscapes and charming villages. The Lule River offers one of the best trout fishing experiences in the country.

Råne älv is Sweden’s largest forest river and offers varied environments with rapids, sel, streams and tributaries, as well as neighboring lakes that are perfect for fishing enthusiasts. There are many great places to explore along the Råne River.

Fishing in Boden is described as an exciting and relaxing activity as well as a challenge to entice the fish to bite. To be a successful fisherman, it is important to understand nature, biology and the ecosystem. Ethics and morality are also key aspects, and many fishermen in Boden follow the ‘catch and release’ principle to preserve fish stocks. With professional fishing guides by your side, you can be sure that the fishing is right and that you have the right equipment.

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