Horses and horse routes

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In Boden, there is a wide range of horse activities, from harness racing to private riding and western riding. Boden is known for its excellent training tracks that are used daily by both professional and amateur riders.

Boden is also home to many private horse farms, especially in the Bränslan area, which is designed with horse farms in mind. These farms are close to both the racetrack and the riding club, making it easy for horse owners to participate in various activities. Team Salmela, for example, has its stable at Bränslan with 44 horses and several employees.

Horse routes

The track master plays an important role in maintaining and managing the municipality-owned tracks at Åberget, ensuring that they are always in top condition for training and competitions. During the winter, the tracks are converted into ice trails, providing additional training opportunities.

Bodentravet – Sweden’s northernmost racetrack

Bodentravet is a focal point for trotting enthusiasts in the region. The track is not only an arena for exciting trotting races, but also a place for training and development of trotting horses and their drivers.

Every year Bodentravet organizes Midnattstravet with v75, one of Norrbotten’s biggest festivities. As the name suggests, the races take place until midnight under the light of the midnight sun. The V75 races feature some of the best horses and drivers in Sweden, ensuring high quality and exciting races. The event is known for its festive atmosphere, combining harness racing with food, drink and fellowship.

The hallmark of Bodentravet is its commitment to promoting trotting racing, both at amateur and professional level. The course hosts a range of competitions throughout the year, attracting participants and visitors from all over Sweden and even internationally. In addition, Bodentravet offers educational and training opportunities for those who want to deepen their knowledge of trotting, helping to cultivate and strengthen interest in this sport in the region.

Dressage and jumping

Boden’s horse associations offer a wide range of activities, such as dressage, jumping and opportunities for both beginners and experienced riders to develop their skills and participate in competitions and events.

Boden also has two riding halls run by the Boden Riding Club, which are currently being renovated, and three outdoor tracks are part of the facility.

Horse village

Besides professional activities, horse culture in Boden is also part of the daily life of many residents. The Eriksson family, for example, moved back to Boden from Stockholm to enjoy a simpler and more horse-friendly life. They built their own horse farm in Hästbyn, an area that is ideal for horse owners, with excellent riding routes and proximity to city facilities.

The history of the horse in Boden

Boden has a long history as a horse town, historically starting with the armed forces and now it is a part of our cultural heritage. For much of the 20th century, horses played a crucial role in Swedish defense, and the military town of Boden was a focal point for this activity. The horses were mainly used for transportation and logistics, which was particularly important in the northern parts of Sweden where the terrain and climate conditions were often challenging for motor vehicles.

In Boden there were large stables and training facilities for the armed forces’ horses. These horses were not only important for military operations but also became part of the local community. The care of these horses was often entrusted to local farmers, creating a strong link between the military and civil society. This interaction helped to cultivate a deep horse culture in Boden, which still exists today.

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