Närhetsliv in the horse village

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With the Eriksson family, you can see the horses from the kitchen window. The life close to the horse means a lot of work but also more time together for the family.

Kristina and Mattias Eriksson previously lived in Stockholm but chose to return to Norrbotten eight years ago.

– When we were going to have child number two, we felt it was time to move home. It felt natural when we were both from here and had family and friends here. It’s simply a simpler life. Everyday life is completely different, says Mattias.

The choice fell on Boden, both because Mattia’s parents live here and can help as babysitters and because Kristina thought that Boden was a more horse-friendly municipality than Luleå where she grew up. She is an avid horse girl and has had her own horse since she was 12. For her, it was easy to change location, but they thought to wait with the move until Mattias also found a good job.

– Then it appeared immediately so we were very quick to move, says Kristina.

They bought more or less unseen a terraced house in Sävast and after a year found an old house in Norra Svartbyn. A few years and a massive renovation later, the family wanted to take the next step and build their own horse farm.

– It has always been a dream to have my own stable. Our daughter Svea is also very interested in horses and in this way we can have two horses, says Kristina.

Perfect location for horse farm

They found a vacant plot in Hästbyn (horse village) on Södra Bränslan, at the far end of the forest and right next to a horse trail.

– It was not right for us to move to a village, for commuting and the children’s activities. This was a great opportunity to live in the country but still central and close to most things. There are great riding trails around, they are well maintained and more than in other places. The only thing we lack is lighting, says Kristina.

The house was built remotely and assembled here and in the meantime the family built the stable on evenings and weekends.

– When you look back, you wonder how you managed. None of us have a background in building so we have learned from relatives, friends and the internet. But we have grown from it, when you have felt that you have
succeeded, says Mattias.

They chose a stable with six horse places, two for their own and four for rent.

– It becomes more social and you have the opportunity to get more help so that you can go away sometimes, says Kristina.

More time together

In March 2017, the family moved in as one of the first in the area and after that, more houses around began to pop up. Caring for an entire stable means more work for the family, but now Kristina does not have to go away for 3-4 hours every day and they get more time together.

– The best thing is that you can see the horses from the kitchen window, you have to decide for yourself how you want it and you keep track of them all the time, says Kristina.

Dressage is her passion and she experiences the best moments when the horse basically does what she thinks. For Svea, jumping is the most fun.

– It’s a bit of a shame that our youngest daughter Matilda is totally uninterested in horses, haha. But it’s fun to have it anyway because it’s quite cozy to be in the stable together and stuff and go out and ride together, says Kristina.

Mattias has no interest in horses, his role in the stable is rather a caretaker and builder. The next project will be a garage in the summer.

– In three years when we got some trees up, got the driveway in order and got the garage up, then it will feel like you can walk around and really enjoy it, says Mattias.

– And then a small riding arena, Kristina adds.

Now they are nagging their friends that they should also return home. Mattias thinks that some who have moved south have a slightly negative picture of what it is like to get a job here as an academic.

– If you come home with a couple of years of experience, it will work out, if you can also imagine working in Luleå. We see how much we have gained from moving home, like the family and proximity to everything. One would wish that more people would dare to move home, because I think there are many who want to, says Mattias. #


The Eriksson / Kristina family, 41 years old, planner at the Swedish Transport Administration, Mattias, 37 years old, controller manager at Max Burgers, daughters Svea, 10 years old, and Matilda, 8 years old, puppy Mira, stable cat Lilly, rabbits Rocky and Dandy and horses Nell and Maggan.

The house / 1.5 storey house of 194 square meters built in 2017 and a stable with six boxes. The house is built on double horse farm plots, which provides plenty of space for farm and pastures.

Närhetsliv in Hästbyn / 5 kilometers south of Boden is Hästbyn. Here you can build horse farms with beautiful houses, stables and ancillary buildings in a beautiful environment. Nearby is an extensive network of horse trails that provide good opportunities to ride and train horses. Boden is northern Sweden’s most horse-dense town, both in absolute numbers and per capita. Here are most horse-related facilities adjacent to each other. Together, they make Boden the region’s obvious horse center. If you build a horse farm in Hästbyn, you are close to everyone.

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