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Welcome to Rödbergsfortet, a place full of history and exciting adventures. Here are five interesting facts about this fortress that has guarded and protected Norrland for almost 100 years:

Taking a tour of Rödbergsfortet is like opening a door to Sweden’s secret history. Here you will have the chance to follow a knowledgeable guide on a fascinating journey through the stream of time. Explore the fort’s corridors and chambers, learn about its impressive armaments and experience a piece of Sweden’s defense history. A tour of Rödbergsfortet is an exciting and educational experience that gives you insights into the importance of the fort and its role in Boden’s defense. An unforgettable journey back in time awaits you at this historic fortress.

  1. Historical Time Travel: A guided tour of Rödbergsfortet takes you on a historical time travel from the decision to build the fortress in 1900 to its decommissioning in 1997. Learn about life inside the fort, its armaments and how everything worked. A fascinating journey through the stream of time.

  2. Special Tours: Rödbergsfortet offers special tours covering different aspects of the fort’s history. These special tours are aimed at private groups and give you the opportunity to delve into specific topics related to the Rödbergsfortet and Boden Fortress.

  3. The girdle fortress system: Rödbergsfortet was part of a unique defense system called the girdle fortress around the city of Boden. This strategy was used to protect the area through separate forts defending specific areas. Each fort had its own crew and armament.

  4. Modernization and security measures: In the 1970s, Rödbergsfortet was modernized to withstand possible nuclear attacks. Entrances and ventilation systems were reinforced, and doors were replaced with gas-tight material, making the fort one of the most secure of its kind.

  5. Children’s parties and education: Rödbergsfortet is not just for adults. Children and young people can also take part in adventurous explorations and quests in the fort’s passageways and hiding places. It is a great place for school classes and groups who want to learn about history in a fun way.

Rödbergsfortet is a place of secrets and adventure. It is a reminder of Sweden’s defense preparedness and a great opportunity to immerse yourself in history. So take the chance to explore this exciting fort and let yourself be seduced by the stories waiting to be discovered.

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