Defense Museum Boden

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The Defense Museum Boden is more than a regular museum; it’s a place that offers you a deeper insight into Sweden’s history and its role in the world. The museum is part of SMHA (Swedish Military Heritage), a network that includes 26 state-supported military history museums. With educational activities and study materials for schools, the museum is also an excellent place for learning and exploration.

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The Defense Museum Boden has exhibitions and events that give visitors a deeper understanding of Sweden’s role in world politics at different times.

  1. Norrlands Lås: The museum’s main exhibition, “Norrlands Lås,” takes you on a journey from the late 19th century to modern-day Sweden. Explore Sweden’s defence history through peacetime and wartime from multiple perspectives, including the great mobilization of the First World War and the impact of the Cold War on Swedish defence.

  2. Summer tours: During the summer months, the museum offers guided tours to give you a deeper insight into the history of the 20th century. These tours are aimed at adult visitors who are curious about how international, national and local events have influenced each other over the years. Take the opportunity to join one of these exciting tours.

  3. Bodens konsthall: Not only defense history, but also art can be experienced here. Bodens konsthall is part of the museum and offers free admission to its exhibitions. Explore exciting works of art and have an artistic experience during your visit.

  4. VR experience: Operation Dragon: Take a virtual balloon ride over the Boden Fortress as it looked a hundred years ago using advanced VR technology. This unique experience takes you back in time and gives you a sense of the fort’s history.

  5. Café, shop and bookshop: After exploring the museum’s many exhibitions, you can relax in the café with a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy pastries. In the shop you will find souvenirs and books on art, local history, military history, emergency preparedness and much more to remember your visit.

A rainy day is the perfect time to experience an exciting journey through Sweden’s history at the Defense Museum Boden, both in war and peace.

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