Picking mushrooms

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Picking mushrooms in the forests around Boden municipality is relaxing. You wander around surrounded by vast forests and silence. Take your time to explore the forest’s pantry, take a break on a rock with a cup of hot chocolate, tread new paths, and fill the basket with mushrooms.

The best time to pick mushrooms in Boden is during late summer and early fall. It is during this period that the mushrooms ripen and become ready to be picked. Weather conditions play a major role; a humid summer followed by a warm and humid early fall creates ideal conditions for fungal growth.

Most common mushrooms in Boden

  • Porcini (boletus edulis): This is one of the most popular and well-known edible mushrooms. It is known for its good taste and is a favorite among mushroom pickers.

  • Chanterelles (Cantharellus cibarius): These yellow, trumpet-shaped mushrooms are known for their distinctive flavor and are highly sought after.

  • Funnel chanterelles (Craterellus tubaeformis): Less well known than the common chanterelle but just as tasty, the funnel chanterelle is another favorite among mushroom pickers.

  • Milk-caps: There are several edible species of milk-cap that can be found in the forests around Boden.

  • Hedgehog mushrooms: Some species of hedgehog mushrooms are edible and can be found in the area.

The freedom to roam and mushroom picking

In Sweden, mushroom picking is allowed under allemansrätten (the freedom to roam), which means you can move freely in nature and pick wild plants as long as you do not disturb or damage nature. However, it is important to respect private land and leave no trace behind.

If you’re heading out into the woods in September/October/November, it’s worth bearing in mind that hunting can take place in the area. So be sure to wear clothing that makes you visible and, if possible, let the hunting team in the area know you are in the forest. You have every right to pick mushrooms on their hunting grounds but mutual respect is encouraged.

Take a course

Mushroom picking courses have become increasingly popular. These courses offer participants the knowledge and skills to safely identify and pick edible mushrooms, as well as an understanding of those that are poisonous. There are often courses available in Boden, including at Studiefrämjandet.

Here are some of Studiefrämjandet’s tips to keep in mind when picking mushrooms.

  1. Treading new paths
    Different mushroom species thrive in different environments, but if the summer has brought rain and decent heat, you can often find mushrooms in the autumn forest. Competition for mushrooms can be fierce. Instead of searching along the same paths as everyone else, go 5-10 meters into the terrain from the forest road or light trail. Often it pays off.

  2. Keep an eye out for mushrooms that can be mistaken for eatable mushrooms.
    Some poisonous mushrooms can look like delicious food mushrooms. For example, the white fly agaric can be confused with the common field mushroom. A good rule of thumb is not to pick white mushrooms with white discs underneath. Never pick a mushroom that you feel unsure about.

  3. Carrying the mushroom crop correctly
    Like other foods, mushrooms are affected by how they are handled and stored. Place the picked mushrooms in a basket, or alternatively in a cloth or paper bag during the mushroom tour. Avoid tight plastic bags where the mushrooms risk going bad prematurely.

  4. Coarse cleaning already in the forest
    Take a mushroom knife with a brush and remove soil, needles and any bugs as you pick the mushrooms. You’ll save time and know that you’re bringing home great mushrooms.

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