Hunting: an experience close to nature

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Boden is a place where hunting has been part of the culture for many centuries, and with varied nature and rich wildlife, it offers good conditions for various types of hunting.

The terrain in Boden is mixed, with forests and marshlands giving you the opportunity to explore different environments. There is a wide range of game, including elk, deer and hare, giving you a chance to try and find the hunt that suits you best.

Elk hunting is an important part of the hunting season in Boden. The elk hunting season, which usually runs from late September to early November, brings together people who share a passion for nature and hunting. It is also a time for community and togetherness.

Small game hunting, which includes hunting forest birds and hares, is also popular in Boden. This type of hunting requires patience and skill and offers a more tranquil hunting experience, allowing the hunter to get close to nature.

For beginners, there are opportunities to participate in courses and guided hunting tours in Boden. These are designed to introduce basic hunting techniques and principles of game management and safety. It is a great way for beginners to learn about hunting and to develop an understanding of nature.

Contacting Bodens Jakt & Fiskevårdsklubb is a good advice for those who want to start hunting in Boden. They are an association for hunting and fishing enthusiasts, founded in 1946. Taking into account the quantity of people hunting on their lands, they can (if spots are open) offer you as a municipal citizen elk hunting and small game hunting on their hunting grounds, which are spread over large parts of the municipality of Boden.

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