Cycling in Boden: for all ages and skills

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Boden, with its scenic surroundings, has become a central point for cycling enthusiasts in recent years. Boden’s cycling club (formerly CK Sävast) has played a central role in creating conditions for everyone who wants to cycle in the municipality.

Thanks to a generous donation of approximately SEK 4.4 million from the General Inheritance Fund, support from the municipality of Boden, the County Administrative Board and the Swedish Sports Confederation, cycling in Boden has received a significant upgrade. The most prominent project is the Mountain Bike Arena at Gruvberget. It brings together cyclists of all ages to experience the thrill and challenge of off-road cycling. Gruvberget has become the hub for all MTB (Mountain Bike) cycling in the region, offering trails and courses for both beginners and experienced cyclists.

For younger enthusiasts, Boden’s cycling club (formerly CK Sävast) offers MTB training for children and young people between 8 and 15 years old. The training, which is designed to be both safe and challenging, is held on Tuesdays during the summer and attracts participants with its dedicated leaders and varied exercises. In addition, the club offers “MTB Wednesday” for older cyclists, including non-members.

For those who prefer road cycling, there are several events and activities in Boden. These include Söndagsturen, a joint bike ride on the country roads around Boden, and Mockträsktempot, a tempo run that attracts participants from different age groups. Rödbergsloppet is another popular event, offering a challenging course of around four miles.

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