Berry season

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In Boden, there are berries almost everywhere. You don’t need to go far from the property line to pick berries as every little forest clearing has its own pantry, so where you set the bar is entirely up to you.

The municipality of Boden offers ample opportunities for picking different kinds of wild berries during the summer and fall months. Bilberries and lingonberries are common in the forests, while cloudberries, known for their unique flavor and high nutritional value, can be found in the area’s wetlands and marshes.

The most common berry varieties

  • Bilberries: These are among the most popular and readily available berries in Swedish forests. They grow in woodlands and are known for their healthy antioxidants.

  • Lingonberries: Lingonberries often grow in the same habitat as bilberries and are highly valued for their unique tart flavor. They are often used in Swedish dishes and to make jam.

  • Cloudberries: These golden yellow berries are particularly popular in Norrland. Cloudberries grow in marshlands and are known for their rare and delicious taste. They are considered a delicacy and are used in various desserts and as jam.

  • Raspberries: While perhaps not as common as bilberries or lingonberries, there are also opportunities to find wild raspberries in the area, especially in more open and sunny locations.

  • Field berries : These are less well known but much appreciated for their distinctive flavor. Field berries thrive best in moist and semi-shady locations, such as along streams and in damp ditches.

Each type of berry has its own special season when it is best to pick and if you are going to go out into the forests during September/October/November, it is good to keep in mind that moose hunting can take place in the area. So be sure to wear clothing that makes you visible and, if possible, let the hunting team in the area know you are in the forest. You have every right to pick berries on their hunting grounds but mutual respect is encouraged.

If you want to go out into the forest to pick berries, it is important to be well prepared. Good shoes and clothes that protect against mosquitoes are good to have. If you want to pick cloudberries, it is necessary to know how to travel safely on/near wetlands. If you’re picking lingonberries and blueberries, a berry picker is worth its weight in gold. This makes picking faster and more efficient, especially if you plan to collect larger quantities. Also remember to use smaller buckets for the berries to prevent the berries at the bottom from getting squashed.

Berry picking and the freedom to roam

Allemansrätten (the freedom to roam) in Sweden allows the freedom to pick wild berries in nature, but it also requires responsibility and respect for the environment. It is important not to pick berries near private homes or on cultivated land without permission, not to damage vegetation, to avoid protected natural areas, not to use harmful tools and not to leave litter behind. This right enables the enjoyment of natural resources while protecting and preserving them for future generations.

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