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There is a world of knowledge and stories waiting to be discovered in the city’s library.

The Boden library system offers a versatile service ranging from the central city library in Enter Galleria to the smaller but charming library in Harads, as well as the innovative book bus that brings literature directly to you.

Boden City Library: Located in the heart of Boden, the city library offers a refuge from the stress of everyday life. Here visitors can immerse themselves in stories from near and far.

The public library also offers IT tutorials. Do you want to learn more about your mobile or tablet, borrow e-books, get started with Facebook, or maybe use online banking? The public library can help you with this and much more. Times for the courses can be found on their Facebook page.

Harads Library: A branch of the Boden City Library, it has a homely atmosphere and is situated in a scenic location overlooking the Lule River. It offers a personalized experience and a chance to dive into the world of books and other media.

Bodens book bus: It is important that everyone has access to literature. The book bus is a way to make books and other resources available to those who cannot visit permanent libraries.

Svartbyn Library: “A Locally Driven Living Room” by the Northern Svartbyn Association. Since 2005 it offers not only books and audiobooks, but also a social space where visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea and socialize. It is located in Svartbygården and also hosts events such as “Torsdagsträffen” and “Öppen förskola”.