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There are plenty of fire pit areas in Boden, both in the forest and in the city. Fire pits in the forest are popular, but there are good opportunities to find your own spot if you dare to venture further into nature.

Fire pit areas in the forest are perfect for nature lovers who want to enjoy outdoor activities while being able to cook and warm themselves by the fire. The fire pit areas are usually equipped with seating areas such as benches or picnic tables, but sometimes there are also wind shelters. Many of these sites are close to hiking trails, lakes or viewpoints, making them ideal places for a relaxing excursion in nature.

It is important to remember to use the fire pit areas when making a fire in nature to reduce the risk of the fire spreading, also keep track of the County Administrative Board’s decision on any fire ban in the area. Remember to extinguish the fire properly after use, not to leave rubbish or food scraps and to respect the local flora and fauna.

Here are some tips on what to take with you if you’re going to cook over an open fire:

  1. Firewood and kindling: Some barbecue sites are equipped with firewood but far from all. So be sure to bring firewood (if you’re not sure it’s available), as well as matches or a lighter. Sometimes you may also need ignition pads, avoid using lighter fluid. You may also need to bring a knife and/or an axe to make kindling on site. Here is a guide on how to make a fire in the wild.

  2. Tools: Depending on the type of food you are preparing, you may need to adapt your equipment, but here are some of the most common tools: a mora knife, an outdoor frying pan that can withstand high heat, a wooden or metal spatula, salt and pepper, butter or oil for frying, water for cleaning. Feel free to bring a metal coffee pan, barbecue sticks or holsters, coffee for cooking and water.

  3. Seating: Often there are benches around the barbecue areas but not always and during the winter months they can be under the snow. Then you can either bring a collapsible shovel to shovel out the seats, or bring our own chairs or seat pads.

  4. Accessories: Remember to bring something to eat on, eat with and drink from, and something to store the rubbish in until you get home. In summer, mosquito repellent is recommended. P.S. Don’t forget a roll of toilet paper.

Remember to always check local rules and restrictions on outdoor fires. It is also important to ensure that the fire is fully extinguished before leaving the site. Safety and respect for nature are essential when using fire pit areas in the forest.

Cooking tips

It is common to eat souvas on a piece of bread in the forest, suovas means smoked in Sami and is lightly smoked and salted reindeer meat. It’s easy to take with you and cook in the great outdoors. Things you need to bring:

  • Suovas or veg alternative grill cheese, available at grocery stores in Boden and surroundings and NäraMat Boden.
  • Pepper, optional, but you don’t need salt.
  • Mjukkaka (soft bread), if you are lucky you can buy home-made at NäraMat or any market.
  • One sweet onion
  • butter

Suovas is a traditional Sami dish that is often cooked over an open fire, giving it a unique and smoky flavor. Here is a description of how to cook suovas over an open fire with onions and serve it on mjukkaka:

  1. Prepare suovas: The suovas you buy in the grocery store is usually frozen and already cut into pieces, but if it is not cut into pieces, we recommend thawing it a bit and cutting it when it is half frozen. Do this before the trip.

  2. Fry the meat: Put butter in the frying pan and put the pan on the fire, when the butter is melted, add the meat. Fry the meat until brown, which usually takes a few minutes depending on the thickness of the meat and how hot the fire is.

  3. Add the onion: when the meat is almost done, add thin slices of onion to the pan. Allow the onion to become soft and slightly caramelized, which enhances the flavor.

  4. Prepare the soft cake: Heat the bread (mjukkaka) lightly over the fire to make them slightly crispy and warm.

  5. Serving: Place the fried suovas slices and onions on a piece of mjukkaka.

It is important to keep an eye on the meat during cooking to ensure it does not burn. Cooking suovas over an open fire takes some practice to get the perfect balance of smokiness and juiciness in the meat.

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