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Paddling on smooth water is a unique and serene experience that gives you the opportunity to relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, and experience the natural world entirely at your own pace.

In the municipality of Boden, there are not only two river valleys (Råne and Lule rivers) with completely different characters, but also a large number of lakes to paddle on. In summer, you can also experience the pleasure of paddling silently across the shiny surface under the midnight sun.

The center of Boden is surrounded by water in several places right next to and in the very center of the city. If you are able to leave the city center, there are even more opportunities to experience our waters, with a canoe, kayak or why not a stand up paddleboard?

Here are some tips on good places to explore by canoe/kayak:

  1. Lule River: The Lule River, which runs through Boden, is a great place for canoeing. The river has stretches suitable for both beginners and more experienced paddlers, with calm waters and beautiful scenery along the banks.

  2. Bodträskån: Bodträskån is a creek that offers a more secluded and quiet paddling experience. The area around the river is rich in wildlife and birdlife, making it a great place to experience nature.

  3. Harads: The area around Harads is known for its nature. Here you can paddle through still waters and enjoy the quiet and remote nature, both in forest lakes or on the Lule River.

  4. Unbyn: Located south of Boden, Unbyn has several small lakes and streams that are ideal for canoeing. Here you can experience both calm waters and beautiful landscapes.

  5. Råneälven: Råneälven is one of Norrbotten’s longest rivers and offers a fantastic paddling experience. With its varied nature and routes suitable for both beginners and experienced paddlers. Here you can experience everything from quiet stretches to more challenging rapids, surrounded by beautiful forest and wilderness.

  6. Skogsån: Skogsån offers a more secluded and quiet paddling experience. It is a great place for those looking for a more relaxing tour, with the opportunity to see wildlife and enjoy the surrounding nature.

Remember to always check local conditions and safety information before going out on the water. It is also important to respect nature and to leave areas as untouched as possible after your visit.