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No matter where in Boden Municipality you live, nature is right outside your doorstep. Both the experienced runner and the leisurely walking enthusiast can easily put on their hiking or running shoes and combine exercise with nature experiences.

In Boden you have every opportunity to combine our refreshing nature with physical activity. Turn off your work computer, put on your running or trekking shoes and be out in the forest or trail within minutes. Whether you’re strolling quietly along winding old forest paths with a basket of mushrooms or in the company of your dog, or doing heart-pounding intervals on a jogging track, you’ll be accompanied by the sounds of the forest. Take your headphones out and let the birdsong and the wind in the pine trees guide you through the forest.

In Boden you can follow nice paved and snow-covered footpaths in urban nature around our waters in the very center. Close to Boden city, Gruvberget has great hiking areas and trails for both hiking and cycling. In the rural areas of the Lule and Råneå river valleys, on either side of the central town of Boden, there are hiking trails and viewpoints.

Keep in mind that during certain periods in the fall, there may be hunting in the forests around Boden and that Boden is a military town where exercises sometimes take place. There are also times when you can’t let your dog loose in the forest. Show care and consideration for plants and animals and take into account the interests of landowners.

On the map below, you can find nice jogging trails to follow.

Exercise trails

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