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In Boden, there is a wide range of public playgrounds offering a variety of activities for children of different ages. These playgrounds are spread throughout the municipality and designed to encourage outdoor play and social interaction among children.

One of our newest playgrounds is Svedjeparken in the Bodsvedjan residential area, which serves as a gathering point for children and their families. It is equipped with climbing frames, swings, cable cars and also offers facilities such as tables, benches and fire pits for relaxing and socializing. This park is part of a larger municipal effort to ensure that every residential area has at least one accessible playground.

The playground at Rubinvägen in Vittjärv is specially designed for younger children and includes play equipment such as swings, sandboxes and play stands, all adapted to be accessible. The Mullvaden playground is another accessible playground, designed to provide play and recreation for children with different needs. This park is also surrounded by a fence to increase security.

In central Boden is the Smörblomman playground, which is the largest in the city. This park is popular and equipped with a wide range of play equipment suitable for children between 2 and 12 years old. The park also offers benches, tables and a fountain for relaxing on hot days. It also has a swing for wheelchair-bound children.

The Björnparken in Svartbjörnsbyn has recently undergone extensive refurbishment and now offers modern play equipment, including swings and climbing nets. This park is also designed to be accessible to children with disabilities, with features such as wide paths for wheelchairs and adapted bench tables.

These investments in playgrounds in Boden are a result of the municipality’s commitment to creating safe, fun and accessible outdoor environments for children and their families, contributing to a higher quality of life in the city.

Playgrounds in Boden

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