Nordpoolen - always perfect swimming weather

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At Nordpoolen, you can always be guaranteed perfect bathing weather and pleasant tropical warmth. Here, both locals and visitors of all ages enjoy themselves every day, year-round.

Nordpoolen is more than just a swimming adventure. It is a place for relaxation, exercise and fun for the whole family. As well as the famous turbo slide, where you can challenge your family or group of friends for the fastest time, you can relax in the heated whirlpools or swim a few lengths in the fitness pool. Welcome to enjoy pleasure and relaxation for all the senses.

Here you can choose between:

  • Variety of attractions: Nordpoolen is known for its many attractions suitable for both children and adults. You can experience the thrill of water slides, feel the adrenaline rush of the wild rapids, or explore the stomach-churning waterfall. For the adventurous, there is also a climbing wall and an outdoor swimming pool.

  • Relaxation area and sauna: If you prefer a more relaxing experience, Nordpoolen offers a relaxation area with a bar and a terrace pool. Here you can enjoy the view of Boden while relaxing. The sauna facilities provide a soothing environment for total relaxation.

  • Timed swimming pool: The 25-meter timed pool is perfect for swimming enthusiasts.

  • Child-friendly areas: For younger visitors there is a children’s slide and a children’s pool with a mini-slide. These areas are safe and fun, perfect for families with young children. There is also a shallower training pool.

  • Food & Drink: After a day of activities, visit the poolside café or restaurant, which serves everything from healthy salads to pancakes, Asian food, ice cream, sweets and snacks.

  • Gym and Exercise Swimming: A combination of swimming and exercise is possible thanks to the gym and exercise swimming pool.

Good to know: Screens are prohibited in the Nordpoolen, pool areas, changing rooms, shower rooms and in their saunas. This means that guests are not allowed to use computers, mobile phones or tablets in these areas. This is primarily a safety measure so that you as an adult can fully focus on spending time with your child in the bath, but also with regard to the integrity and safety of your fellow bathers.

At Nordpoolen you can borrow sunbeds and bathing chairs for people with disabilities.

Did you know that? Nordpoolens was opened in December 1995, replacing an older bathhouse from the 1940s. Nordpoolen has been the site of world record attempts and has also come to play an important role in the local community by providing swimming lessons for all school levels and ice swimming for secondary school students.

Don’t miss out! The pool with panoramic views from the roof and candelabra swimming at Lucia, when the entire pool hall is illuminated by candlelight. A cool experience is also to swim out of the tropical heat through the shutters to the outdoor area during the winter. If you stand up too high above the surface, your hair can freeze!