En grupp pensionärer som sitter och solar i ett speciellt solrum på Edestrand Äldreboende.

A little extra in the everyday life

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

“Bingo!” Shouts of joy and laughter from the day activities where a large group from “short-term” in Harads have gathered for today’s candy bingo, shows the feeling of the nursing homes in Harads. Here they show in action that caring and a smile do not have to cost money.

At Edestrand’s and Älvstrand’s nursing homes in Harads, care and commitment are created with simple means. Starting from how you yourself would like it in when you get older, and having fun with the residents and colleagues yourself can go a long way. A movie night with popcorn, making hot sandwiches, sitting out in the sun and drinking coffee on the balcony overlooking the river, get homemade soup or “palt” at the day activity center, or to sing, bake or play with the village preschool children who visit.

Light and heat

During Boden Bild’s visit, about ten people from Älvstrand play bingo with a tempting candy table in the prize pot at the day activity center. In the light room, a group from Edestrand sits and enjoy themselves behind their sunglasses in tropical heat. Some of the ladies have freshly curled hair and freshly painted nails and one of them happily hugs a cuddly teddy bear.

In the assembly hall with associated kitchen, a festive Wednesday lunch is prepared by the staff. It will be oven-baked salmon with Västerbotten cheese, and those who want can have a beer or a glass of wine from their own pantry.

For dessert, some get to help make fruit salad, side by side with one of the staff’s grandchildren who has just become a big sister and gets to be with grandma at work.

But who pays for the food?

– We bought this from the coffee money that the staff saved. We who work save SEK 50 each every month. We eat all meals together with them, so then we (the staff) give back sometimes, says Anne-Maj Granström.


With the permission of the managers, their working group has chosen to set their schedule so that they always have more staff one day a week to be able to do something extra.

– Last summer we were at my house and picked strawberries and had coffee, it was very fun, says Lek Khwanruean, who also likes to go out and fish with the residents who are interested in it.

“It’s not possible,” some say, while the staff prefer to look at what their older friends can actually do. They also see that many times they can and want much more when they go out into nature. Those who want to can come along, those who do not want to do not need to come and then staff is also needed left at the accommodation.

– I like to be out as much as possible, I am a forest person, says Kalle Öström.

– I am at home here and I think it’s good. They are good at coming up with stuff to do. Yesterday we were all day in Boden and not so long ago we were at the campsite in Boden for two nights, so we travel, he smiles.

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