The essentials when moving to Sweden

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Let’s start with the essentials. You will need to get digital, check if you need a Swedish drivers licence, open a bank account and you need to find a job. Also – you need to learn Swedish and understand the basic parts of our culture. This guide is all about the necessary basics to start your life in Sweden.

1. Move to Sweden in 10 steps

Read the guide at The website is a hub for different government agencies and a good starting point for anyone who’s about to move to Sweden.

2. Apply for work permit

The main rule is that you should apply for and have been granted a work permit before entering Sweden. When applying online you are given clear instructions about how to fill in your application and what you should send with the application. This makes it easier for you to apply correctly and increases your chances of a quick decision. Apply at

3. Apply for citizenship

When you have lived in Sweden for several years, you may apply for Swedish citizenship. Read more here about how to apply for yourself and on behalf of your children.

4. Register at Skatteverket

Register yourself with Skatteverket in order to initiate the process of receiving a national identity number, get an ID-card and to pay taxes:

5. Start looking for a place to stay

In Boden we have comfortable rental apartments in lush green areas close to services and communication. Many of the rental properties here are also close to water or have water views. See our rentals

6. Register for BankID

You can use BankID for identification or digital signatures with thousands of companies and authorities. You can also activate a digital ID card in your BankID app:

7. Apply for an electronic Freja e-id card

If you can’t register for BankID or want another option. Freja is a government-approved, mobile electronic identity used for identification. Freja can be used for online identification such as logging in to e-services, or for physical identification as with any physical ID:

8. Open a bank account (national identity number needed)

Here you can read about your right to open a bank account in Sweden and how you can take out a housing loan in a Swedish bank when you are not a Swedish citizen. You can also find out about how to get a Swedish ID card and a bank ID, and how to move money between countries:

9. Find a job

Swedish employers are on the lookout for skilled workers from EU/EEA and Switzerland – we can help you to a new career in Sweden:

10. Start learning Swedish

Swedish is a Scandinavian language, and being able to speak Swedish can give you an advantage in your job search in Sweden. Many international companies require employees to speak Swedish to work in Sweden, and it can open doors to job opportunities that may not be available to non-Swedish speakers.

11. Open a Kivra digital inbox for e-mail from authorities

A paper here, a receipt there. Can you relate? We have a better idea. Imagine letters, bills, receipts, uploads, and other important things – all in one app. Smart, secure, and sweet for the environment:

12. Arrange daycare or school

Here you can read more about preschools and schools in Boden. Swedish schools are for all children who live in Sweden. School is to be safe and offer peace and quiet so that everyone is able to work and thrive. This section is about how the pre-school class, compulsory education and upper-secondary education work in Sweden. Learn about the Swedish school system:

13. Connect your bank account and mobile number to Swish

Do as 8 million Swedes do when they want to split the bill, send money to a friend or buy something in store or online – Use Swish:

14. Have a break for fika

15. Check if you need a Swedish drivers licence

Learn what the requirements for obtaining a driving license are, how to obtain training, what to expect from the theory and driving tests and what to keep in mind before arriving to take the tests:

16. Find different associations to get in touch with people

A strong civil society and a rich leisure time in the community with meaningful activities are important prerequisites for people to develop and thrive in a place. In Boden, we have a fantastic non-profit association life and are close to our passionate volunteers, role models and athletes. That’s what we call #Närhetsliv.

Credit: Sweden Sverige and Linköping Science Park

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