Imagination and Creativity is Their New Business Idea

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Fairy tales, legends, history, creativity and imagination come together in magical experiences through two of Boden’s cultural companies. Irene Andersson and Johanna Söderholm inspire awe in people both young and old with their stories.

Johanna and Irene have known each other since they were children and grew up here in Boden. Together they have found a niche where they combine their interests, abilities and experience.

Creativity and imagination in Team Fantasteri. Portraits of Irene and Johanna.

Irene’s company Isia Arts and Crafts and Johanna’s Barnupplevelser (Children’s Experiences) package creative experiences for both children and adults. In addition to children’s activities, they also hold workshops for companies and organisations. 

Both have started their own companies fairly recently and are building their businesses. Some things are done individually, but a lot they do together under the name Team Fantasteri. 

four children in a hiding place bihind some bushes.


”We use adventure pedagogy as a basis and want it to be authentic but still use fantasy”, explains Johanna. 

This summer, Irene and Johanna were at the Laxholmen culture area in Edefors with a fairytale trail based on the history and legends of the place. The dragon’s slime from the story of the Silver Treasure at Cape Dragon can still be found between the pines on Laxholmen.  

At the Autumn Harvest Festival in Boden, children had to help Santa Claus solve the mystery of the missing vegetables. The mythical gold reserve that is said to have been stored in Boden is of course included in some of their Stories. 

Right now they are working on a suitably spooky autumn holiday activity centred around the mythological mylings. Unicorn yoga and soap bubble art are other examples of activities. They also play Pokémon, but not as a digital game. Instead, you create your own woolly Pokémon and find its particular superpower. 

Four children and Johanna by an old agriculture machine in the sunlight a summer day.


”We don’t just want to stand and tell a story. Our activities are based on participants being active and creative, solving problems and being involved. We connect creation with storytelling. A bit like a mix of interactive theatre and escape room”, they explain. 

Irene has worked a lot with wool and uses it for figures in her stories. She also works in both child and elderly care and has an upcoming project where the elderly and children will be creating together. 

Woman in yellow knit shirt and red hais sits in forest and cragts wool figures. Ina runs her own creative company.


Irene and Johanna hold their events by travelling to their clients. The clients are often associations, organisations or other culture organisers. 

”There are many very pleasant and exciting places here in Boden. Laxholmen in Edefors, the river, the forts, the old sanatorium in Sandträsk.” 

They have a dream of someday being able to create a permanent fairytale trail somewhere in the Boden-area. 

”Time and money are the only limits”, they say with a smile. # 

Text: Anna Bergström / Photo: Mats Engfors

Four children and a woman is walking over a green lawn by a traditional red house.



The creative cultural industries thrive and are needed in our growing municipality. Here you can find companies in film, photography, music, writing, art, crafts, design and game development to name a few examples. Our närhetsliv* offers the opportunity to test your ideas, both as a hobbyist and entrepreneur. 

What is your dream? Read more about cultural, creative and digital industries and about starting a business at

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A little wool figureby a tree in the woods.

Närhetsliv* / In Boden, we call our lifestyle “Närhetsliv” [nair-hits-leev] – our own word for life close to everything important and more – work, school, culture, housing, kids’ activities, shopping and nature. Directly translated Närhetsliv roughly means the life of proximity. Do you want to have visual examples? Check out the hashtag #närhetsliv on Instagram.

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