Close to culture

Close to culture

Boden is a vibrant city of culture and entertainment and we are close to experiences and expressions that enrich, touch and develop us as people, as a society. It is much thanks to the passionate volunteers, organizers, cultural workers and entrepreneurs who dare to invest.

Boden is growing and we are facing a social and industrial change without its equal. Boden will step 20 years forward in time in just two to three years and it is important to grow quickly, smartly and sustainable. Jobs exist, but to be an attractive place that people want to live in, more is needed. We need to experience, feel, express ourselves, reflect and meet. Here, culture has an important role to play.

Close to culture everywhere

The pandemic has hit Sweden’s cultural and entertainment life hard, and of course it has been tough in Boden as well. But here we have thought new, changed and dared to invest in safe experiences. An example is Popupsommar, which gathered a large number of small-scale cultural events under one umbrella and made it possible for performing arts in all sorts of different places during the summers of 2020 and 2021. There was outdoor theater in Gunnarsbyn, dancing at the adventure pool Nordpoolen, live music on a farm in Harads and much, much more.

Because it is important to be close to cultural experiences everywhere in the municipality, both in the center and in the countryside. This is exactly what the Boden National Theater Association has taken note of. In the project Nära Scenkonst during the pandemic, they have arranged more performances than ever before, but on a smaller scale, often in collaboration with local village associations in the countryside. In Sweden’s most association-friendly municipality, close cooperation between various actors such as associations, municipalities and businesses is both incredibly important and life-giving.

Jazz, hard rock, folk music, pop, rock, songs, classical, rockabilly, punk and much more. Boden has a strong musical tradition and the music is very much alive even today. The aesthetic program at Björknäsgymnasiet is well-reputed and has trained many great musicians in various genres. In Boden there is a long line of bands, music groups and individual musicians whose stage performances are obvious elements at many events. During Kulturnatta, which is usually held in August, many of the local talents can be heard on the stages throughout the city center. Larger national acts are often invited to Boden Alive, as well as to Western Farm’s party nights in the summer.

Culture in the Närhetslivet

In Boden, there are several associations that arrange theater, dance, music, and cinema screenings for both young and old.


Havremagasinet Länskonsthall Boden is a pride and a reason to visit the town, a fantastic historic building that today is filled with thoughtful contemporary art from local, national and international artists. Here, the visitors’ creative creation also has an obvious place and workshops and activities are arranged several times a week. Café Pampas on the entrance level is also used for live music, lectures and as an inclusive meeting place.

Those interested in art will also find Gallery 14, murals and sculptures in the center. There are also pop-up exhibitions featuring local artists in shop windows, cafes and restaurants.

If you have an interest in history, don’t miss the Försvarsmuseum and
Rödbergsfortet, which showcases our important military heritage and also has temporary exhibitions and activities for the whole family, such as a popular Lego exhibition that is usually on display during the autumn break.


We strive to give all children and young people the opportunity for increased knowledge in the aesthetic ways of expression and to increase self-esteem and self-confidence with culture as a method.

Bodens Kulturskola offers teaching in music, theater / drama and dance. All teaching in Kulturskolan is free of charge. Most of the teaching at Kulturskolan takes place during the day at the schools in Boden municipality. If you choose to play an instrument or have dance / drama, then you have Kulturskolan at your school.

Some evenings you will find Kulturskolan at Björknäsgymnasiet, where we have our orchestra activities, dance / drama groups and the choir.

Cultural development

In 2021, the municipality of Boden’s culture, leisure and youth department has worked out a proposal for a new cultural plan that points out the direction for future municipal cultural initiatives for the years 2022-2026. According to the plan, they want to increase inclusion and collaboration between different agencies so that everyone can participate in cultural life, this applies to experience, participation, creation and influence. Here, the municipality wants to work for a central meeting place for cultural events and promote meeting places for creative creation throughout the municipality. Furthermore, culture must be made more visible, included earlier in the community building process and the conditions for cultural creators must be strengthened.

Cultural and creative industries have been identified as one of five priority growth areas in the business sector. It is thus one of the business areas where the highest potential for growth and positive development is seen. This also includes the film industry and the computer game industry, which is growing strongly with many new companies and lots of talent at Boden Game Camp in Sävast.