This autumn, the TV series LasseMaja’s detective agency was recorded at Studio Nord in Sävast. Anja Lindström, 24, is part of the filming team and she sees a bright future as a filmmaker in Boden.

As team coordinator during a TV series recording, it is Anja Lindström’s task to call around and arrange transport and logistics. That, for example, the actors come from one place to another and that everyone gets lunch and accommodation.

– If they need everything from a skylift to a jet ski, I will fix it. You never know what will happen, sometimes you have to set up a party tent in drizzling rain, says Anja.

For LassaMaja’s detective agency , she has, among other things, arranged two mattresses from Hildursborg, a paddleboard from Boden’s camping & bath and a tractor from a farmer in Harads. Anja was born and raised at Brännastrand in Boden and has great help from local knowledge and network of contacts.

– I feel that people are more eager to show up and think it’s fun to be a part of it, says Anja.


Just Brännastrand also happens to be in the series, all curious people who passed by in mid-September know that. Most of the indoor scenes have been recorded in Sudio Nord at Boden Business Park in Sävast and a couple of floors up, Anja has her office. She stepped in during pre-production in March and the series was recorded from July to September.

The family friendly series will air on TV4 around Christmas.

– It has been incredibly fun, I have learned an incredible amount. I think the best thing is to work with so many new people. I’m so obsessed with the whole movie and TV series world that just being with a fraction I think is fun.


The first film job

After upper secondary school, Anja studied the three-year film program at Örebro University. During the second summer holiday, she was at home in Boden and got an internship on the recording of Jonas Selberg Augustsén’s The Longest Day which was recorded here.

– I thought I had to move from Norrbotten to work with film, but it was the opposite. There are an incredible number of film recordings and projects that are underway now so it has only rolled on with jobs since then.


Her both strangest and most difficult memory is when she would get hold of a dead elk to a scene in the above-mentioned film, transport it in a discreet way, freeze it and then thaw it.

– I was thrown into a weird world and had never been able to imagine what it would be like to work for real. But I felt it was right. It’s fun to be with creative people. We are all a bit special, that’s why we work with this, but I like that it is chaos and that we create something out of nothing, she says.


Big movie dreams

Anja’s goal is to tell her own stories, to write scripts and direct full time.

– It is so important to be able to disappear in a world and it has meant so much to me when I grew up. I want to keep it alive and do it for others.

She has written the script and will direct a film that will be shot in Boden later this autumn. The film will be called A bus away and is based on a true story, about when her uncle in good faith helped an elderly woman get on the bus home to Luleå. But then it turned out that she was in fact a patient in a dementia home in Boden.

– It is a humorous story that tackles civil courage and what one should do and not do. I think we Swedes usually do not want to get involved so it is fun to play with the idea that it will be worse if we help, says Anja.

The film is Anja’s first funded production thanks to co-financing from the Talang AC / BD project, which will develop talents and increase collaboration between filmmakers in Norrbotten and Västerbotten.

– In ten years, I hope I have my own feature film under my belt. #


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