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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Gunnarsbyn is a small town, located about four miles north of Boden on the Råne River. Along with Sörbyn, the community is part of a wider community including Överstbyn and Lassbyn. The community effort is expressed in Råek – Råne älvdalsrådet in Gunnarsby parish economic association, which works to strengthen and develop the village. The association runs, for example, a service point, a second-hand shop and a recycling center.

Gunnarsbyn has a preschool and primary school (6 to 12 years) with recreational facilities. The village also has a beautiful wooden church, a grocery store and a fuel station. Culturally, Gunnarsbyn is extremely lively with a wide range of events all year round. The Folkets Hus is a buzzing hive of initiatives and events, and the parish also organizes activities for different target groups. The entrepreneurial spirit in the area is strong, with several innovative initiatives, particularly in the tourism sector. Gunnarsbyn and its surroundings have long attracted new residents from near and far, which further reinforces the openness and creativity that characterizes the area.

Sörbyn is a former agricultural village located on the southern shore of the cold spring lake Vitträskets. This is where the hospitality industry flourishes, with hotels, restaurants and cottages. The lake has a family-friendly swimming area with piers and diving towers, a wood-fired sauna and a summer kiosk. The site is also home to a historic party venue with dance floors and an outdoor stage. For sports enthusiasts, there is a football pitch and floodlit trails, and hikers have many fine trails to choose from.

In Sörbyn is the old school, which now houses a small rural museum. The activity is run by the Sörbyn-Sundsnäs local history association, which has created a fine display environment for the collection of agricultural machinery, tools and carriages. The museum also houses artifacts, straw art and a unique photo collection.

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  • 1. Nature and outdoor activities Gunnarsbyn/Sörbyn is surrounded by diverse forests, lakes and flowing rivers. Both Vitträsket and Råneälven offer rich opportunities for fishing, swimming and nature experiences. At Kyrkudden there is a boat landing for launching boats, as well as a shelter and a fireplace. For sports enthusiasts, there is a sports facility with grass and gravel pitches, a tennis court and a light trail. In winter there are fine ski trails provided by Sörbyns IF. The snowmobile trails are the responsibility of Råek, which maintains part of the route along Malmen Road. (The way the ore was transported from Gällivare/Malmberget to the coast during the period 1774-1882).

    In Sörbyn, close to the hotel, there is an accessible forest walk, Skogens rum, with information signs about animals and plants. A great asset for all outdoor enthusiasts are the overnight cabins that are managed by and can be booked through Råek.
  • 2. Pre-school and primary education (F-6) In the middle of Gunnarsbyn is Älvskolan, an integrated preschool and after-school program. The school often cooperates with local associations and companies and has its own kitchen. Proximity to nature is exploited for outdoor activities and outdoor learning.
  • 3. local trade Gunnarsby lanthandel is a member-owned store that is also a retailer for Systembolaget, Apoteket, Bussgods and Svenska spel. The product range is varied with a large proportion of locally produced goods. The village also has a fair trade shop, the World Shop, which offers a wide range of goods, from office supplies to jewelry, in addition to food. Gunnarsbyn also has a self-service station and Råek's well-stocked and popular recycling shop, which is staffed by volunteers.
  • 4. Rich cultural life The Råne river valley has a large number of associations that together create a multifaceted cultural ecosystem and a wide range of leisure activities. The Folkets Hus association runs a stage and cinema and rents out premises for parties, dances, concerts and exhibitions.
    The cultural association Skogslandet Råne älvdal runs creativity meetings for all ages and various art projects. Among other things, the association is planning a new hiking trail around Vitträsket and further over the mountain to Gunnarsbyn. Along the trail, there will be rest stops and works of art to experience.

    A fascinating attraction is Forsberg's old trading shed and wholesaler's villa. Here, visitors can experience a well-preserved wholesaler's home from the early 1900s, visit a contemporary trading shed and have a coffee in the garden. Forsberg's trading stall also organizes events with singing, music, dinner parties and offers "live" with period clothing.
  • 5. Gunnarsbyn church Gunnarsbyn's church, built in 1928, is painted white with standing wooden panels. Its altarpiece depicts the Ascension of Christ and is signed by Gunnar Torhamn. In the former bridal chamber, a devotional room has been created, decorated with icons by Lisbeth Fredriksson. The parish frequently cooperates with both neighboring parishes and associations and businesses in the area. New forms of meeting have emerged, such as "moose meal prayer" with the hunting team and worship on the ice in connection with the ice hockey competition. For children (6-12 years), the After School program offers talks, songs and crafts. For adults, there are book circles, cooking and knitting groups. At Byagården, in the old school in Överstbyn, there is a youth center open on Tuesday evenings.

About the area

Ancient remains in the form of old settlements show that the Råne river valley has been inhabited for a very long time. Gunnarsbyn got its name from one of the two farms that made up the village in the mid-17th century, “Gunnars”. (Guddnár in Lule Sami.) From farming and forestry communities, the villages in the river valley have evolved into modern small towns where entrepreneurship and culture are important industries. A manifestation of Gunnarsbyn’s spirit and identity is the World Globe, one of several land art works initiated by the cultural association Skogslandet Råne älvdal and created in collaboration between the artist Birgitta Linhart and Gunnarsbyn’s village association. The globe, located in the park in the middle of the village, is decorated with the flags of the 22 countries from which the inhabitants of the village come. (Of course, the Sami flag is also depicted, as Gunnarsbyn is located in Sápmi).

Sörbyn also has its own landmark that was created on the initiative of Sörbyns IF: the Millennium Stone. The monument consists of a millstone from a grinding mill that used to be located in Kvarnforsen. The stone is engraved with the names of the villagers who lived in Sörbyn/Sundsnäs at the time of construction.

Demand for houses in the Gunnarsby area is currently high and planning is underway for new single-family housing. The process involves Råek and the relevant landowners.


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