Digital information screens in the countryside

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

The municipality’s three service points in the countryside have received or will have digital information screens placed in a strategic place in their area. The work takes place in the Digiby project, which develops digital solutions for rural areas.

The Digiby project, smart sustainable villages, conducts pilot tests of new digital solutions to increase knowledge and the application of digitalisation opportunities for service development in Norrbotten villages. Using existing technologies, new methods are being developed that are adapted to village conditions. In the municipality of Boden, Unbyn, Harads and Gunnarsbyn are involved as pilots.

The screens that are placed in the villages will provide both information about Digiby and municipal information, but also function as a local digital bulletin board for the district’s events, association information and more.

Centrally located in the village

In the municipality of Boden, Gunnarsbyn was the first to get its digital information board. Here, Råek has chosen to put it in the window at Gunnarsby lanthandel, which is a natural meeting place in the area. Information is available here from Digiby, the country store, Råek and Boden municipality. The information that emanates from the municipality of Boden is shared simultaneously in all the villages, which also provides a democratic perspective.

At the time of writing, they are waiting at the service points in Unbyn and Harads to have their signs installed and preparing a choice of location. In both Unbyn and Harads, the idea is that the screens, as in Gunnarsbyn, should be placed centrally and filled with both local and municipal information that can be easily updated digitally and can be read from the outside by passers-by.

More digital solutions

In Harads, Edek has also previously set up small digital photo boards under his own auspices within the Kultur Nord project to give passers-by locals and tourists something to look at in the shop window, together with local handicrafts. In these digital screens, which have been framed by a local carpentry, local companies and people from creative cultural industries have the opportunity to be seen with slide shows and information.

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