From officer to electrician

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

A new profession in the course of a year and a half. At Lärcentrum in Boden, Daniel Granström took the chance to retrain and will soon be an electrician.

After eleven years as a specialist officer in the Armed Forces, Daniel Granström wanted to change to more regular working hours and try something new. The electric education at Lärcentrum in Boden became the way to a new profession.

– I have never worked civilly but got an upper secondary school degree from the construction program. I felt that I wanted to work with something practical and be at home more on evenings and weekends now that I have children. I found information about this adult education and applied, he says.

Flexibility helps to balance life with children and family and a job on the side, self-paced adult learning was the perfect opportunity for him to study while keeping his life going.

The education is owned, run and staffed by Lärcentrum in Boden but has intakes from several places and is held in appropriate premises in Luleå. In total, about 60 students go here at the same time, but at different stages of the education.

– We work individually and have joint reviews when possible. Monday to Thursday, there are teachers here and the opportunity to make everything practical, Daniel Granström explains.

Most of the studies are conducted as self-study with access to teachers when needed and in the practical tests. The study technique requires self-discipline but also gives a freedom.

– I can do the theory where I want, it is for the practical I have to be in place, says Daniel Granström.

The study rooms have all conceivable technical equipment and knowledgeable teachers to reason and explain and overlook the practical steps an electrician should be able to handle. The training also includes internships at workplaces.

– I believe and hope that this will provide jobs in the future. Electricians need everyone.

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