Boende och personal på Å-center trygghetsboende som sitter runt ett bord och skrattar tillsammans.

Joy in life

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

In April, Åcenter in Boden was opened. We made a home visit to some of the first tenants who seem to be very happy.

Åcenter exudes community and joy. In the common foyer, the residents gather, talk and laugh. Someone has been out for a walk. Two others are discussing their joint “palt” dinner, which the neighbors also got to attend. Activity coordinator Lotta Boström receives and welcomes those who will have gymnastics while colleague Malin Engelbrektsson talks with the group gathered outside.

Older people live here who do not yet need traditional elderly housing, but who for other reasons are in need of security and people around them. Staff are on site 24 hours a day, but not for medical care. Those who need it use home care and home health care as in any other home. Here, the staff’s efforts are about support, company, creating activities and security.

– This summarizes everything I have done and wanted in this profession, to have so much time to give a little extra, Lotta states.

Satisfied tenants

– It’s great here. We who live on my floor usually have coffee together and we have a big nice kitchen, I always use that, says Kerstin Smedberg who was one of the first to apply for a place here, a place she really fought to get.

Ulla-Britt Lundberg and Kerstin Smedberg say that they have become really good neighbors who both cook and watch today’s news together.

Kurt Skogqvist joins the crowd and also talks in good words about his new home.

– It’s like any other apartment, but safer. There are always people who can help me if I need information about something. Here are nice staff and comrades. It is fantastic.

Thure Johansson comes arm in arm with Marianne Bergman. They moved here separately but knew each other before and spend a lot of time together now. Thure is visually impaired and jokes that Marianne has become his permanent secretary.

Much to do

– We arrange at least one activity a day, sometimes more, says Malin, and adds that this is the best job she has ever had.

Activities can be everything from games, baking, reading aloud, film, meditation, music and dance to barbecue evenings and fermented herring parties. There are no requirements to participate, but anyone who wants to can join.

The apartments are newly renovated and are centrally located in Boden.

If you or your relative wants to know more or apply for a place:

Contact the assistance unit on: 0921-627 08 or send a written application to:

Biståndsenheten, Bodens Kommun, 961 86 Boden.

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