Drönar vy över Garnis korttidsboende en vinterdag med Boden centrum i bakgrunden.

New short-term accommodation at Garnis

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

We are building like never before for both old and young in Boden. Another new area under development is Garnis, where the old lung clinic will soon be opened as a completely newly renovated short-term residence.

The short-term accommodation Midgårdarna on Prästholmen will soon leave its old, worn and not very purposeful premises, for new larger and fully operational facilities at Garnis. Garnis is the area where Boden’s hospital used to be. The municipality of Boden has acquired the entire area and now uses what is known among Boden residents as the “old lung” for new short-term housing.

Midgårdarna, whose property is owned by an external landlord, has previously also housed nursing homes that have now been moved to Björknäsgården. With the move of the short-term housing, the municipality’s operations at Midgårdarna will be closed for good. However, the content, staff and number of care places are the same at Garnis. The big difference is that everyone gets their own room, which has not been possible at Midgårdarna, and that it is new and fresh and adapted for the business.

In total, the municipality of Boden offers 33 short-term places for people who have received development assistance decisions in a short-term place. This may be a need for a place to be after a hospital stay while waiting for the home to be adapted, during rehabilitation, aftercare or when a caring relative needs relief. Some cases of end-of-life care can also be granted a place in short-term accommodation.

The municipality’s lease on Midgårdarna expires on April 15 and then the idea is also that the move happens.

– Everyone is very excited to move. Of course it is a lot of work, but we have been able to say how we want it and see how nice it will be. It is a fantastic property from a care point of view. The shell from the old remains, with wide corridors and large spaces that you do not build when it is built new today, but the feeling is that it is completely newly built, says Katharina Ekström, unit manager together with Helena Berglund.

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