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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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“Close to the city and yet outside”. Trångfors is a quiet and leafy residential area located four kilometers west of the center of Boden. Together with Hamptjärnmoran and Heden, the site is part of the Heden area, whose varied residential buildings were largely developed as housing for employees of the Swedish Armed Forces and the Central Hospital. The houses are built from the 1950s onwards and the blocks are framed by narrow streets. A well-developed network of pedestrian and cycle paths makes the area safe and pleasant for walking and cycling. Good bus connections facilitate environmentally friendly travel to work, school and leisure activities. The Trångfors sports association has its training facility here, a building that also serves as a village hall.

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  • 1. Nature on the doorstep The area is located next to the river and is surrounded by forest with trails and snowmobile trails. The latter are maintained by Boden's snowmobile association. The excellent pedestrian and cycle paths make it easy to walk and cycle into town. An estimated stretch is the Broarna runt (7 km), which crosses the Lule River along Hedenbrovägen and Norrbottensvägen.
  • 2. Sports clubs Both Trångfors and Heden have active sports clubs that invest seriously in football and ice hockey training for children and young people. Since the mid-1980s, the areas divided the training so that Trångfors IF was responsible for the training for women and Hedens IF for men. The joint training facility, Olympia, is located in Heden and includes an artificial turf pitch. The two associations also use a large grass field at Knottvallen, about 500 meters from Olympia.
  • 3. Michael's Church Close by, in the neighboring area of Hamptjärnmoran, is Michael's Church, which is a vibrant meeting place for the residents of the Heden area. The church was built in the late 1980s with the express purpose of serving as a community center. In the church hall there are five icons painted and donated by the artist Uno Öhlund. The bell tower with the church bell is a gift from the village elders and volunteer groups in the church. In addition to services and Bible discussions, the church offers targeted activities such as a combined service and dinner meeting, a children's and parents' group, a singing and crafts group for 3-6 year olds, After School and lunchtime music.
  • 4. Village hall and bakers cottage in Heden. In nearby Heden there is the village cabin Hedengården, which is run by Heden's village association. The property houses bookable premises such as meeting rooms, a baker's cottage and a small apartment for temporary rental. The village association organizes several seasonal activities such as a May bonfire, fermented herring tasting and a Christmas market. Every two years, Heden Day is also held to highlight agricultural and forestry themes. Log driving with horses and herding with dogs are some of the activities organized.
  • 5. Schools in the local area In Trångfors, a new preschool will open in the fall of 2023, replacing four older schools in the area. The new two-storey building has its own kitchen and is built in wood with a red and yellow color scheme. The nearest primary school (age 6-12) is in Heden, a few kilometers away.

About the area

The name Trångfors comes from “Trångforsen” (narrow river), which until the water regulation of the 1960s was a living part of the nearby Lule River. In this way, the area embodies a phenomenon that has disappeared and recalls a time when the river was an intact ecosystem that supported parts of the population through fishing and rafting. Before the area was built, there was a cement factory, a gas station and a grocery store. There are no remains of these activities today, but there are visible traces of the unfinished ‘English Channel’, which has listed building status. Canal construction began in the 1860s to facilitate the transport of ore from Gällivare to Kiruna. However, construction came to a halt due to lack of funding and the company went bankrupt. When the canal workers were not paid their wages, the spark for the country’s first workers’ revolt was ignited.

In the 2020s, new construction is planned for Trångfors. In addition to the new preschool, there are plans for residential plots close to the river, pedestrian and bicycle paths along the river and efforts to promote and protect interesting natural and cultural areas.


Fiber / District heating / Recycling station / Preschool / School grades age 6-12 / Snowmobile trail / Ski trails / Gym

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