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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Almost five miles northwest of the Boden along road 97 is Harads, the central town for the villages of Bodträskfors, Västbo and Södra Harads. Beautifully situated between the Lule River and vast forest areas, the town offers quiet, scenic living with access to some community services. There is a service point, bathhouse, library branch, general store, electrical store, gas station and grocery store. The latter two also have mail delivery. The buildings are mixed, with detached villas, terraced houses and apartment buildings built in the 1950s and the following decades. Harads is characterized by its dynamic business community and rich cultural and association life. The spirit of the community is often described as open, creative and helpful. More than 600 people live here and a fifth of the residents are asylum seekers or new arrivals.

City center

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  • 1. Scenic location Situated between river and forest, Harads offers attractive living environments. At walking distance from the "center" is Utsiktsklippan with a wide view of the river valley. Around Harads there are excellent snowmobile and ski trails, a football pitch and a child-friendly beach. The surroundings are ideal for hiking, mushroom and berry picking. The area has interesting nature reserves such as Klusåberget and Storklinten Ecopark. In winter, Storklinten offers high-quality coastal skiing with well-prepared slopes, cross-country skiing, fishing and snowmobiling.
  • 2. Culture and associations Harads and Edeforsbygden have a large number of active associations and several of them cooperate in annual events such as the Winter Week, Harads Day, autumn and Christmas markets.
    Harads sports association organizes football training and races for skiing, cycling and running. The Hembygdsföreningen runs both a weaving and a bakery; the PRO runs a carpentry workshop. For twenty years there has been an active revue society that has produced many appreciated performances. For some years now, the district has also had its own film festival, Vinterljus, and a song festival, Sommarljus. An obvious meeting place in the area is the Edeborg community center, which also houses the local youth center. Kläppgårdens bygdegårds- och hembygdsmuseum manages local history objects, photos and films. There is also a schoolroom and a farm shop from the early 20th century. Edefors church (built in 1928) is a culturally and historically important building with, among other things, carved chandeliers and an altarpiece by Valdemar Granlund, who worked in the area, and ceiling paintings by architect Eric Jehrke. One of the community's assets is the library branch, which regularly organizes author visits and book discussions.
  • 3. Service In Harads, there is a private preschool, a municipal primary and secondary school with recreational facilities, two retirement homes, a group home and home care services. Sampling is possible through a cooperation agreement with Björknäs health center.

    The service point, which is centrally located in the village, is the municipality's extended arm in the community. In addition to social and tourist information, it offers advice and contact with the authorities. The premises include bookable office space and a workshop room.
    Line 44 serves Luleå-Boden-Jokkmokk and there are several stops along road 97.

    Harads is blessed with a grocery store that also serves as a post office and pharmacy. Diversehandeln Maskin & Fritid is an agent for Systembolaget. An electrical and plumbing company, a petrol station and a newly opened bistro complete the commercial offer and are also important local meeting places.
  • 4. Swimming pool, gymnasium and fitness center The bathhouse offers recreational swimming and swimming training, saunas and more. In the building, the Harad sports association runs a gym and there is also a bookable gymnasium.
  • 5. Business-friendly Harads is home to several successful companies in various industries and has a strong entrepreneurial spirit. The tourism industry is one of the leading industries with internationally recognized destinations such as Treehotel and Arctic Bath, both with world-class architecture. It is also home to a heating plant that engages in innovative collaboration with Luleå University of Technology. A bistro and café opened in 2022 and an ice cream factory opened in spring 2023.

About the area

Harads is mentioned in written sources from the 16th century and consisted of a collection of farms along the Lule River. Agriculture, forestry and fishing were the main industries. Salmon fishing, in particular, played an important role and was already mentioned in the 14th century. Edeforsen (a few miles north of Harads) was the place where salmon were caught, until the construction of the power station around 1960. On an islet by the rapids, Laxholmen, there are listed cottages and sheds from older times that remind us of the history of fishing. Laxholmen is today a highly interesting conservation area with a nature trail and an outdoor museum. In the summer, the Edefors local history association runs a popular summer café in one of the buildings. At Edeforsen there are also traces of the canal construction that began in the mid-19th century. The ambitious project collapsed due to lack of funding, leading to the country’s first workers’ revolt, brutally put down by the military. The legacy of agriculture, forestry, fishing and logging lives on today in new forms, with thriving businesses in transport, food and architecture using wood in new ways.


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