Thank you for your resume!

Thank you for your resume!

This is the start of our work to match your skills with potential employers, but it is of course important that you continue to actively search for jobs yourself. Here are some tips and links to help you find your dream job in Boden. Good luck!

Work in Boden

Boden is at the center of the industry’s green transition. Currently, H2 Green Steel is building a giant plant for large-scale production of fossil-free steel and hydrogen here. Recruitment has started and thousands of people will be employed here in the coming years. The whole city and region will grow at an extreme pace and new jobs will be created in all sectors. We expect 50,000 new jobs by 2030 in Norrbotten alone.

But even today, it is easy to get a job here, especially if you are a teacher, nurse, truck driver, carpenter, machine operator, preschool teacher, process operator or similar. There are interesting jobs both for those who have spent many years studying at university and for those who have just finished high school. You are simply needed in Boden.

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Broaden your knowledge

If you want to change careers or get a degree, there are specially developed adult education and vocational training courses for the jobs where recruitment needs are greatest – such as care assistants, electricians, childcare workers, process operators and game developers.

The proximity to Luleå University of Technology (25 minutes away) means high-level education and research opportunities. Here in Boden, you have great opportunities to realize your job dreams.

Further training

  • Luleå University of Technology
  • Boden Game Camp
  • Changemaker Educations


Boden offers all types of accommodation in cozy environments close to nature and the city. Here you are close to public services even if you live some distance from the city center. New rental apartments and condos are constantly being built. The municipality of Boden has available small house plots without a plot queue for those who want to build their dream home.

The three largest rural clusters in the municipality are Harads, Gunnarsbyn and Unbyn. Here, municipal services are available at close range, adapted to the unique conditions of the specific location and the needs of the people.

Nonprofit associations

A strong civil society and a rich leisure time in the community with meaningful activities are important prerequisites for people to develop and thrive in a place. In Boden, we have a fantastic non-profit association life and are close to our passionate volunteers, role models and athletes. That’s what we call #Närhetsliv.

There are plenty of strong volunteers here who give tirelessly and generously of their time to make Boden a good place to live. Thanks to them, residents have great opportunities for recreation, exercise, culture, community and new experiences – everywhere in the municipality, both in the city center and in the countryside. Here we are close to natural meeting places and close contact between decision-makers and enterprising people and volunteers that things happen. That’s why we’re especially proud that Boden was recently named Sweden’s most association-friendly municipality.

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All you need to know about Boden and some more

Schools and pre-schools

In Boden, we invest in our youngest citizens. Until 2025, we will spend SEK 250 million on building four new preschools. It is an unprecedented investment in our time in Norrbotten. Boden has preschools close to where you live and both private and municipal options.

We promote lifelong learning for all individuals, build confidence in the future and give them the tools and conditions to influence their own future. Boden has both municipal and independent primary schools. You can wish which primary school your child should go to.

Sävast is Boden’s fastest growing area and it is noticeable not least at Mårängskolan which is starting to get too crowded. Therefore, Måräng is the first to receive an update when we now review the municipality’s primary schools. We started the construction in 2021 of a new school building on two floors with, among other things, a classroom, dining room and gymnasium. The building will be a complement to the current premises, which will also be renovated.

Boden International School

Boden is starting an international school due to the fact we are expanding quickly, especially because of the development of the H2 Green Steel Industry. With the growing number of international families moving to Boden, we have decided to match this demand with opening an International Education Program with internationally trained and experienced teachers to provide your children with a high-quality worldwide curriculum that is transferable and recognized universally.

The green social transition

We are the green heart of northern Sweden, with a business community that interacts in a unique ecosystem that attracts talent from around the world. Bodenxt is the platform for our major green transformation of the entire society in Boden. H2 Green Steel’s establishment is an important accelerator and at Boden municipality we have geared up to create something smart and green that will last for many generations to come.

Read more about the green transition in Boden.

Move-in services

If you are interested in moving to Boden, here you will find help to get over the threshold to be able move here. This can include issues such as housing, schools, childcare and leisure activities. Our housekeeper is at your disposal.

You and your family will get help with practical questions about the housing market, education providers and leisure activities, and will also have the opportunity to discover Boden and our #närhetsliv.

We can help you find contact details and information about what you need. If you have specific questions about Boden and what’s there that you can’t find on, we can answer them. If we do not have the answer right away, we will try to find out and get back to you with an answer or guide you to the right person as soon as possible.

We can tell you about services and facilities or general questions about moving and living here.

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