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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Sävast is located about 9 km southeast of Boden along highway 97. Situated on fertile land next to a river and forest, the site has a long history with agriculture, forestry and salmon fishing as important industries. In the mid-1970s, the area began to develop and a center was built with a primary school, supermarket, library and post office. The village became an urban area, but with its scenic location, Sävast retained its rural character. The next phase of growth occurred in the late 1980s with the business village that is now known as Boden Business Park. It is home to the renowned Boden Game Camp, which attracts students from all over the world. An influential activity of a very different kind is carried out through the local church. Mariakyrkan is a popular meeting place and organizes events and activities for all ages.

The buildings in Sävast are varied with rental apartments, cooperative apartments, villas and both newly built and old houses; the oldest from the 18th century. For those who want to live a little outside the city with a certain “village feeling” and at the same time have good public services, Sävast is an optimal choice. Commuting to school/work is facilitated by frequent bus services to both Boden and Luleå.

Around 3,400 people live in the area.

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  • 1. Natural beauty Sävast residents are close to both the river and the forest. There are plenty of good walking and cycling routes, making the area child-friendly. The sandy beach at Båtvägen is popular and is run on a voluntary basis on private initiative. There is a fire pit and benches, as well as a boat launch, which is handy for those who have cottages on the islands. From Sävast you can take a boat out to the sea. There are plans to build boat moorings.
  • 2. village with public services Sävast combines a 'village feel' with suburban access to shops and services. There are supermarkets, kiosks and restaurants. The book bus stops both at schools and at Ica. Two local lines and one county line make it easy to travel to Boden and Luleå in an environmentally friendly way. In addition to preschool, primary and secondary schools, the local area also has a leisure center and a youth center.
  • 3. Rich leisure time The range of leisure activities is extensive and there are several active associations, such as the Ski Association, the Scooter Association, the Bicycle Association and the Housewives Association. The local multipurpose hall Träffpunkten, located at Brönjaskolan, has both an outdoor rink and football pitches. There is also the Chillet youth center, a café and a bookable theater. Fine pedestrian and cycle paths run through the whole area. On Sävastön, golf enthusiasts can play on an 18-hole course. In summer, the Lule River and the Sävastån river offer good opportunities for swimming, fishing and canoeing. A new and popular tradition is the summer theatre at Boden Business Park, organized by Boden's National Theatre Association. In winter, excellent and illuminated ski trails are available with distances from 800 meters to 7 kilometers. The area has several active craftsmen and a well-stocked yarn shop. In old Sävast there is a village farm with a bakery (which can be booked) and a newly started summer café.
  • 4. the church Mariakyrkan is a modern building in red-painted wood, designed by architect Olle Meethz and built in 1994. Outside the church is a bell tower with two church bells cast by the Bergholtz bell foundry in Sigtuna. In the church room there is a newly added decoration by the artist couple Tommy and Anki Carlsson: Björkens visa (2021). The work consists of a tree with colorful birds, all carved in birch. Mariakyrkan offers a wide range of activities for different target groups. For example, one Friday night a month (during semesters), there is a "Messy Church" for the whole family, a creative form of worship with crafts, tacos, drama, movement and song.
  • 5. Boden Business Park with Boden Game Camp Boden Business Park is a dynamic hub for the municipality's business community with a business park, conference facilities, coworking space, restaurant and hotel. Boden Game Camp, with more than 300 students, offers a sought-after computer game education with a game incubator. It attracts students and businesses from all over the world.

About the area

The first time Sävast is mentioned in written sources is in 1486 as Sefastaby. The name has been given several explanations over the years, one being that the Viking Säve settled in the area, another that the Finnish word for dense reeds, sedvaistö, is the origin. A third theory is based on the name Sigfast, which may refer to a so-called seal witness from the 14th century. It is only in 1825 that the village name Säfvast begins to be used.

The parts of the town consist of Old Sävast with its roots in older buildings, Sävast with villas from the mid-1970s and Sävastön with villa areas from the 1990s and new houses built in the 2010s.


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