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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Unbyn is a village with a long history that is beautifully situated on the Lule River, sixteen kilometers south of Boden. With its open agricultural landscape, well-preserved buildings, horse farms and several active farming and forestry operations, the village embodies the heritage of coastal agriculture. The buildings are distributed on “terraces” down to the river and are characterized by Norrbotten farms, bakers’ cottages, barns, outbuildings and sheds. In recent decades, the scenic location has attracted families with children, leading to the development of more modern single-family homes. In addition to rural charm, Unbyn offers some community services, preschool and primary school (age 6-12), bus service and an active association life. When residents describe the village, they often emphasize the beauty and freedom of living in the countryside with proximity to workplaces and services in Boden and Luleå. “I strap on my skis outside the door and off I go!”

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  • 1. Nature and culture Unbyn's agricultural landscape and traditional buildings are of national cultural and historical interest. In the surrounding area there are also old-growth forests, good fishing opportunities and a gathering place for cranes that is a major attraction for ornithologists. Winter offers well-prepared snowmobile trails and a snowmobile cabin open to the public. The bay between Norribyn and Skataberget is used for ice skating in winter.

    The village also has an electric light trail (with a ski trail in winter), a football pitch and a swimming area with barbecue areas and shelters. On the river is a steamboat dock that has recently been renovated and equipped with boat moorings for visitors. The villagers, who are responsible for the renovation, have also built a nature trail from the boat dock to the bathing area. Northwest of the village is the Blyberget nature reserve. The area is varied and species-rich with both rocky ground pine forest, shingle fields, deciduous swamp forests and primeval mixed coniferous forest.
  • 2. Preschool and primary education (age 6 to 12) In the middle of the village, in the older part of Söribyn, is the village school and its leisure facilities. The school has a sports hall, arts and crafts and music room, and food is prepared in its own kitchen. The kindergarten is located in the newer part of the village, Brinjan, and also has its own kitchen.
  • 3. Unbyn/Avan Service point and bus connections The service point is an extension of the Citizens' Office in sparsely populated areas and provides basic public services for residents, associations and businesses. The office offers services such as collective food delivery (Ica Maxi), open preschool and Postnord's parcel box, bookable association premises and office space. The business is run by Unbyn/Avans Servicepunkt economic association, UNEK, which works for the development of the village.

    Bus line 29 passes through the village with stops along Unbyvägen. The tours are scheduled in the morning and afternoon/evening, making it possible to commute to Boden and Luleå.
  • 4. Active associations The village has a village development group, a snowmobile and leisure association and a sports association, the UIF. An important meeting place is the gymnasium, which is used for both private and public purposes. The UIF focuses mainly on football (both women's and men's) and ski training. The large football field, "Sporn", located by the river, is also a gathering place for celebrations such as Valborg and Midsummer. The UIF has good cooperation with the nearby village of Avan, where more sports are offered, such as basketball and hockey training. There is also a dirt bike track nearby.
  • 5. route 616 Route 616 is a section along road 616 that includes the part between western Gäddvik (Luleå municipality) and Rödberget (Boden municipality). The scenic and historically interesting landscape is home to many small businesses, and the economic association Rutt 616 has worked in project form to strengthen and raise the profile of the district and its activities. There are also several nature reserves along the route, such as Blyberget in Unbyn. Road 616 was originally built for the needs of the mills in the early 19th century and has largely retained the route depicted on the 1894 map.

About the area

In Unbyn there are many remains from the middle of the 17th century, mainly in the form of settlements and house foundations. In the 19th and 20th centuries, agriculture developed rapidly. Through land reform and mechanization, farming became more efficient and could be carried out on a larger scale. With the establishment of an agricultural school in Avan, the development of Unbyn was quickly introduced to new ideas and methods.

History can be read in both the landscape and the buildings. The older houses (both semi-detached and detached) are built in timber, are long and narrow with marked knots, low roof angles and with different shaped windows on the ground and attic levels. The smaller detached houses from the early 20th century are more compact, have a higher roof angle and often a dormer window. The oldest part of the village has the character of a terraced village. The landscape is dotted with barns and ditches, and the farmland is sandwiched between houses and farms.

Until the 1970s, Unbyn was a predominantly agricultural area. With increased demand for rural housing, the Brinjan residential area was created, attracting new families with children in particular.

There are currently plans to increase the number of single-family plots in natural settings.


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