Bodens Cykelklubb (CK Sävast)

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CK Sävast is a well-established and popular cycling club that offers community for cycling enthusiasts – regardless of background and experience. A club where people socialize and share a passion for cycling. Members are friendly and helpful, creating a supportive, inclusive and nurturing atmosphere.

The club’s more than 100 members, aged 9-75 years, are mainly involved in mountain biking and/or road cycling, but also in speed cycling and triathlon. There is something for all cycling enthusiasts to discover and explore.

CK Sävast organizes several running races every year as well as other nice gatherings such as organized training sessions and group cycling. This allows members to improve their skills, get tips and get to know each other. We regularly invite members from other clubs to participate in our events, which broadens the network in the cycling world.

In summary, it is a well-run association that offers a nice community for everyone who is interested in cycling, it is a club to develop in and have fun with and with. CK Sävast welcomes everyone and is a great choice for those who enjoy cycling.


Here you can see which trails we have in Boden today.

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