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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Sandträsk is a small village located about 40 km north of Boden along the Malmbanan. The village takes its name from Sandträsket, a cold spring lake rich in precious fish. The village is home to about 50 people, most of whom commute to work. The site offers good opportunities for a varied outdoor life all year round. In winter, there are well-prepared snowmobile trails and nice sledding hills. During the summer, there are several hiking trails to choose from, as well as a soccer field and shooting range. At the southern end of the lake is a child-friendly beach with a jetty, barbecue area, changing rooms and toilets. Association life in Sandträsk is lively, with collaboration on events such as the baking of soft cakes and the Christmas cottage.

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  • 1. Nature The village is beautifully situated by the lake Sandträsket, surrounded by extensive forest land. The lake contains char, whitefish, perch, pike, grayling, rainbow trout and brown trout. Shelters and fireplaces have been set up around the lake. The clear water makes it possible to "kikpimple" up to 78 meters.
  • 2. Active associations Several associations exist in the village, such as a sports club, village community and a hunting and fishing association. The villagers are happy to participate in common, regular activities such as cleaning days, baking in the bakery.
  • 3. Winter sports In winter there are both excellent snowmobile trails and electric light trails. Sledding can be done in the "Doktorsbacken", where there are also barbecue areas.
  • 4. Viewpoints "The 'Explanation Mountain' is a popular destination for light hiking. There are different stories about how the viewpoint got its name. One says that couples in love have traditionally gone there to declare their love to each other, another says that seriously ill TB patients were brought there to have their illness and impending death explained to them.
  • 5. History and architecture By the lake is the manor house built in the late 19th century by the colonel/industrial magnate C.O. Bergman (1828-1901). The building was named Sweden's most beautiful villa in 2010. The site also contains architecturally interesting buildings from what was once the largest sanatorium in the country.

About the area

Sandträsk was established as a village in the late 1700s and consisted of a few small farms. During the 19th century, when the ore railway between Boden and Gällivare was built, the village became strategically interesting. To efficiently transport food to the workers in the Gällivare mine via the railroad, industrialist C.O. Bergman established a model farm here. From a small crown estate, he created a large, modern farm that kept 80 cattle, 14 horses and many other animals. He also built a grand mansion with a kitchen garden and greenhouse. Exotic crops such as grapes and melons were grown here. In 1907 the property was bought by the county council who wanted to use the beautiful, protected environment to build a sanatorium. Between 1913 and 1964, 26 000 patients were treated here; the hospital was an important employer for many professions. After its closure, a home for people with cognitive disabilities was established instead. A health home then took over, followed by a rehabilitation center. Since its closure in 2002, the buildings remain, empty and decaying, but endlessly fascinating. Guided tours can be booked for those who want to know more about the history of the site.

Sandträsk has no public transport and most residents commute to work. The long-standing substandard road 750 to Boden is now being rebuilt and will be completed by 2025.


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