Autumn air and cold weather. It is now trout fishing in the Lule River is at its best. Join a fishing trip with the professional fishing guide Robert Westin and learn his tricks.

Bodensaren Robert Westin has a lifelong interest in fishing. He is two years old at the first fishing photo in the family album and he hung around with his dad and tested all kinds of fishing during childhood. Since then, he has built up a wide range of knowledge which he today shares with tourists and fishing enthusiasts as a fishing guide in his own company Arctic Adventure.

8 minutes down to Lule river. It’s närhetsliv for Robert. He usually calls the area below the power plant Europe’s closest salmon and trout fishing.

– It is without a doubt one of Europe’s best as well. Guests who have not been here think it is fantastic because we get a lot of fish compared to other rivers. On a good day, you can get four or five per person, says Robert.

This is how the trout is caught

Now in October, it is especially good fishing for trout here and Robert knows how to catch them. He knows where the fish are, what things and baits to use, when to fish and how to do it.

– All weather is really good, but it’s a lot about the water temperature. If it has been hot for a while and you enter a cold period with a little rain or snow so that the water is oxygenated and the water temperature goes down, then it can usually be really good. It’s just wearing good clothes.

In October, he prefers to fish with a spoon and he suggests fishing in the morning and afternoon, when the fish are most active. He also thinks fishing is best when there has been a steady flow of water for a few days.

Guests from all over the world

Those who come to him are partly species hunters, who come to catch a big salmon or trout, partly those who just want to come out and fish.

– If it is a family, the focus is on the whole, the food, taking care of them, teaching casting techniques and if you catch fish, it is a bonus. But if you have a species hunter, the focus is on a special species, in a special size, in a special way.

The guests come from all over the world but above all England, Germany and Holland. In recent years, however, there has been a break in the trend.

– When I started in 2000, I never thought I would have so many guests from Boden and Luleå, but I have quite a few. They are the ones who are already fishing here but want to get better. And I think that’s great fun.

A lifelong hobby

Even though it is his job, he still fishes in his spare time, the fascination has never disappeared.

– One is the challenge and the rush you get from succeeding, because it is not quite easy to fish. When you think you have cracked the code and have superb conditions, you can catch nothing anyway. And then above all; be outside. Sometimes it’s not more complicated than that.

Before, he wanted big or many fish, but now it is more everything around that attracts.

– To sit down by the river and look at a fish and decide that it is the one I should pick. Or to go out to the mountains with some friends and lie in the tent and listen. Then you hear a splash and then you start. I still think it’s just as fun.

Now it’s also about challenging yourself and testing new things and techniques that are coming. This fall, we will probably find Robert quietly floating forward on a fishing kayak here in the river.

– Kayaking is great fun and much more difficult than all other fishing. There is a lot to learn there. #


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