New Robin Hood Company has Made Re-Use a Business Case 

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

For several years, Andreas Morat and Fredrik Alnelind saw how large amounts of unopened building material were rushed to the dump. Now they run a company based on the idea of making use of waste, in a re-use manner.

According to the industry organisation Avfall Sweden, nine million tonnes of non-hazardous waste is generated annually in the construction and demolition sectors. This is approximately one third of all waste generated in the country. Something that Boden residents Andreas Morat and Fredrik Alnelind saw with their own eyes. They worked as machine operators for the same company and noted that usable materials were sent away to be scrapped or landfilled. Everything in order for contractors to avoid increased costs and penalties. 

”It felt so strange that it was of no use at all,” says Fredrik.


They decided to try to change that attitude and also saw a business opportunity.  

”We saw potential in helping companies and the environment at the same time, so we founded Tellus Excess Group. Instead of companies throwing plaster and wooden boards away, we offer to pick them up and then resell the material to someone who can make use of it”, explains Fredrik, who is CEO of the company. 

Those who buy the material are often individuals who plan to use them in construction projects. Profits are then shared between the construction company that originally purchased the material and Tellus EG. 

”Now we don’t really want to compete with the local construction suppliers, but since the construction companies have often bought in the material at lower prices, we will be cheaper for the individual buyer. But we try to see it as some kind of Robin Hood activity”, says Fredrik. 

Nytt byggmaterial säljs vidare i stället för att materialåtervinnas. återbruk.


Their company has a close collaboration with Lindbäck’s Bygg in Piteå and is now trying to find more environmentally smart solutions together with them.  

”We have customers all over Norrbotten and are constantly looking for new partners. At the moment we are still a very young company with only two employees. But it has to start somewhere, hopefully we can get more companies to adopt a more circular mindset, instead of focusing on quick profits”, says Fredrik. #

Text: André Samuelsson / Foto: Mats Engfors 

New Robin Hood Company has Made Re-Use a Business Case


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