Service point in Unbyn / Avan

Photo Mats Engfors/Fotographic

Now the trinity of service points in Boden municipality is complete. With operations manager Jenni Bergliv, another locally adapted service point is being formed, now across the municipal boundaries in Unbyn / Avan.

In the municipality of Boden, two service points are already run – by Edeforsbygden’s economic association, EDEK, in Harads, and by Råne älvdalsrådet in Gunnarsby parish economic association, RÅEK, in Gunnarsbyn. Now the newly started Unbyn / Avan Service point economic association, UNEK, has supplemented with a third service point in its part of the municipality. All three have common denominators but also unique adaptations to each district’s needs. Perhaps most unique in Unbyn / Avan is that the service point’s activities span two municipalities, as the villages are located on opposite sides of the municipal boundary. The investment takes place in collaboration with Luleå municipality and the service point captures both villages on both sides of the municipal boundary from the office in Unbyn.

– It is very varied and great fun to be involved and build up, says Jenni Bergliv, business manager.

Common to all service points is that they are there to provide the inhabitants of the area with community service in the form of guidance, advice, booking and contact with authorities and function as a meeting place.

– We are like a civic office in mini format. Here, villagers can come in for everything from picking up compost bags to copying, explains Jenni Bergliv, who began her return after parental leave by officially opening the service point and getting off to a flying start as a presenter in a live corporate breakfast.

Since the service and business is completely new, it is also about finding your model and identifying the needs that this particular area has, in combination with concepts that can be applied from the other two service points.

– I notice a huge interest here. People stay at the village and make requests about what they think the service point should help with, so we are involved and row in a little of everything possible, says Jenni.

The next step is to hire another person for the Service Point.

– We are also currently looking at the possibility of defibrillators for the area, which has been requested by the area’s residents, says Jenni Bergliv.

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