Staycation in the #närhetsliv

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In the summer of 2018, we will soon forget. Whether the cause is heat stroke, one hundred percent enjoyment or climate anxiety varies, but regardless, we can add the past summer to the actions as something to remember. I think it will be a point of reference for most people in the future; “Do you remember the summer 2018 ..?”

In any case, I will not forget the summer of 2018 because then I changed jobs. Just like I do not forget the summer 2012, when I last changed jobs. From June 1, I work under the Boden Events logo: exciting and untested territory. A few months into the new assignment, I have formulated my own slogan: I trample new paths but with respect for proven footprints. It describes quite well in which way I have landed in Boden.

When you change jobs in the early summer, it becomes a bit hard to have a continuous summer holiday. What luck that I am a strong supporter of staycation, that is, to vacation at home. It simply means that you stay home on your vacation. In times when climate responsibility creeps in on the skin, it is not so dumb to skip the world voyages and actually look around the local area. Boden is a large municipality and the Norrbotten region is, as you know, 25% of Sweden’s area. There is a lot to see and experience here!

An excursion to Överstbyn and Nestors Café is one of my summer favorites, as well as an afterwork on Friday night in beautiful Sörbyn. By the way, we were so lucky this summer that we managed to get into the Italian evening and got as a bonus to meet the newly moved pasta makers from Bologna (do not miss the handmade pasta from IBolognesi for god’s sake, delicious!). A guided tour of Tree Hotel in Harads is not just for long-distance tourists: a wonderful day trip.

The summer in Boden has offered Allsång at Brännastrand every Thursday as well as children’s singing in Stadsparken every Tuesday of July. Bodensarna’s own city festival Boden Alive was a success! We thank the weather for that – and all visitors. Developing all these events, is part of my new job. But first we will deal with gloomy autumn and cold winter: we will sing at Saga, culture in Gunnarsbyn and arrange Boden’s author and narrator days Eyvind2018 the first weekend in December. Who knows, we might even manage to attract a lulebo or two? Because it is strange with the more than 30 kilometers between Boden and Luleå; it takes 30 minutes for us to drive to Luleå but the mental distance in the other direction is significantly greater. There is center and periphery wherever you are. Believe me, I know after living more than 20 years in the region capital.

So take the turns and look around; Boden is so much more than a pedestrian street and square. Most of it actually takes place somewhere other than in the center, here just like there.

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