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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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On the border between coast and inland, and nestled between the Lule River, Flarkån river and vast woodlands, lies the village of Svartlå. With a centuries-old heritage of agriculture, forestry and ironworks, the village is today characterized by a strong entrepreneurial spirit, craftsmanship and active associations. The private school Tankeborgen (F-6) is the obvious hub of the village with its activities for the whole family. Opposite the school there is a business hotel with office space and a craft room. Just a few minutes’ drive away is the Storklintens Eco Park and winter sports facility. The village has twice been named Village of the Year in the municipality of Boden (1999 and 2009).

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  • 1. Nature The nature around Svartlå is beautiful and varied. The older part of the village, with farms, arable land, pastures and birch groves, is located at the river's edge. On the north side of road 97 is the younger part of the village, built in storeys. Here the forest soon takes over with trails, snowmobile trails (9 miles!), ponds and moors. The fields are home to lingonberries, blueberries, cloudberries and mushrooms, as well as protected orchid species such as night violet, norna and guckusko. Flarkån, which flows into the Lule River, is a great destination for hikers, cyclists and canoeists.
  • 2. village school Tankeborgen Svartlå Fria was started by committed families who wanted to keep the school in the village. Through its own pedagogy, the Svartlå model, the school offers a holistic approach to learning where nature, culture and entrepreneurship are at the center. With its own kitchen, it focuses on local produce and home cooking; the public can also pre-order lunch. The school offers pre-school, primary and secondary education and after-school care.
  • 3. Rich community life Several active associations contribute to the creative and inclusive spirit that characterizes Svartå. The associations cover everything from snowmobiling to culture and have facilities that can be booked for events. A bakers cottage with a wood-fired oven can be booked through the community association.
  • 4. Business hotels In the middle of the village and opposite the school is the Tanken business hotel. There are offices and workplaces for rent. The building currently houses activities such as wellness, art and design, freelance journalism and more. It also houses the school's sewing room and the village weaving group's weaving room.
  • 5. Swimming, boating and fishing The village bathing area is located at Brobäcken in Flarkån, near the bridge. There is a child-friendly sandy beach with a barbecue area, bathing and boat dock. Another bathing area, Sandmjölan, is located down by the river. Fishing enthusiasts can catch pike, perch and grayling in the river. The forest lakes are home to noble fish such as rainbow trout and char. Fishing licenses are purchased through Svartlå Skoterklubb. The association's own fishing lake, Hundsjön, has several shelters and fireplaces. There is also a dock adapted for wheelchairs and with space for boats.

About the area

The name Svartlå is Old Norse and means ‘black beach formation’. The area has probably been inhabited since the 14th century, although evidence of human presence dates back to the Stone Age. The earliest written sources date back to the 16th century and tell of a settlement of four farms living on fishing, hunting and small-scale agriculture. Over time, the site became home to sawmills and ironworks, shops, a school and several free churches. Today there are a number of small businesses and several active associations such as a village association, a snowmobile association, a dialect group (for overseas destinations) and a newly started cultural association. When asked what characterizes Svartlå, villagers are keen to emphasize the spirit of drive and openness to visitors and newcomers.


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