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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Twenty kilometers southwest of Boden is the village of Alträsk. Around the vast lake that gives the village its name, the village properties are spread out. Alträsk presents itself as a vibrant and inclusive village with a focus on intergenerational cultural events and activities. The obvious center is the village hall, which occupies a beautiful school building from the early 1900s. There are a handful of companies in different sectors: agriculture and forestry, business administration, transportation and egg production. The inhabitants of the village, currently 45 residents, include both older people who have lived in the area for a long time and younger people who have returned. Alträsk offers a high quality of life with forests, lakes and tranquillity, while being relatively close to Boden and Älvsbyn.

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  • 1. Lake Alträsket The twenty kilometer long lake offers plenty of opportunities for swimming, boating and fishing. Here you can find pike, trout and zander. As most houses are located around the lake, many villagers have a view of the water. There are also many waterways in the area that are suitable for canoeing.
  • 2. Activities of the village association The association organizes several events each year, such as the May Day celebration, the surströmming party, candle making and the Christmas party. In addition to these traditional activities, other initiatives include café days, pizza nights, children's festivals, holiday activities, art exhibitions and theater performances.
  • 3. Community spirit Residents of Alträsk like to emphasize the village's openness and interest in culture. It is obvious to create activities for all ages, where everyone who wants to can participate and learn from each other.
  • 4. Forests While the village is located on one side of the lake, the forest spreads out on the opposite side. There are trails and snowmobile tracks and good opportunities for berry and mushroom picking.
  • 5. Hattberget South of the village, between Alträsk and Mockträsk, Hattberget is a popular destination. From the top (71 meters above sea level), you can see large parts of the Fyrkanten nature, i.e. the area between Luleå, Piteå, Boden and Älvsbyn.

About the area

The village’s history spans several thousand years. Archaeological excavations tell us that people were already coming here 7000 years ago. As in many parts of Norrland, poor and landless families moved here in connection with the state’s distribution of land in the 19th century. By setting up small farms, they hoped to eventually buy out their own farms. As part of the state’s efforts to cultivate swamp forests and marshlands in Norrland, experimental farms were established. Such an experimental farm was established in Alträsk in 1909 by the Chemical and Plant Biology Institute in Luleå. A recent curiosity – and a completely different industry – is that several films have been shot in and around the village: Jägarna (1995), Så ock på jorden (2015) and The Isdraken (2012). The latter was largely recorded in and on the field below the village hall.


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