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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Just over half a mile north of Boden’s city center is Buddbyn, stretched out along the eastern shore of Buddbyträsket. Already in the 16th century the site was a well-established agricultural village with its favorable location between lake and forest. Over the centuries, the village has retained its rural character with open landscapes and lush greenery. More recently, several new houses have been built. The settlement is mixed with both traditional houses and modern villas. Over the past 20 years, the villagers have seen a major generational change and today many school-age children live here. The leading association in the village is Fritidsföreningen, which owns and runs the newly renovated village hall. Within cycling distance is Svartbjörnsbyn with its sports club and beach. Buddbyn was named the village of the year in the municipality of Boden in 1998. It is home to 335 people.

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  • 1. Nature The villagers are keen to emphasize the village's commanding position on the lake and its immediate proximity to the forest and countryside. For horse lovers there are fine riding routes and snowmobilers will find well-prepared trails. The Buddbyträsket is a breeding ground for many bird species, which attracts ornithologists.
  • 2. Close to town With the proximity of Boden's city center, it is easy to take part in the city's offerings. Especially for families with children, it is easy to drop off and pick up the children at their various activities.
  • 3. Community life Association life is characterized by Fritidsföreningen, which runs Buddbygården, the village's obvious meeting place. The building, built in 1991, is newly renovated and can be rented by the public for parties and events. The association also organizes May Day celebrations and children's activities such as Halloween. The village used to have both a weaving and a baker's cottage, but after a fire these were demolished at the same time as the former village hall.
  • 4. Swimming, boating and fishing Buddbyträsket has no 'real' beach, but the villagers like to swim anyway, often from their own land. The children also cycle to Svartbjörnsbyn where there is a landscaped swimming area. Although Buddbyträsket is not considered to be a fishing lake, it still contains pike and perch. Boaters can easily go all the way into town. A nice destination for families with children is Björknäsbadet with its outdoor pool. Another popular waterway is Ljusån, which flows through the village and is an excellent canoeing route.
  • 5. Communications There is a local bus in the village that is widely used by children and young people and it is also within cycling distance to the center and the train station.

About the area

In previous centuries, the village was known as Boddebyn, Buddebyn and Boddeby. According to local name researcher Gunnar Pellijeff, the name may originate from Buddbyn in Dannemora parish in Uppland, a reminder of the influx of Upplanders during the Middle Ages. Together with Lombäcken, Mockträsk, Norra Svartbyn, Svartbjörnsbyn, Unbyn and Vändträsk, Buddbyn is part of the so-called Söderbyarna.


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