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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Bodsvedjan is a quiet and leafy area located a few kilometers south of the city center. The settlement is characterized by small houses, some from the early 1900s and most built during a period between the 1940s and 1990s. There are both terraced houses and apartment buildings from the 1960s (both residential and rental apartments) and Älvsbyhus. The surroundings are scenic with proximity to the Lule River and hiking areas. On the other side of the river is Rödbergsfortet, which is both a recreational area and a military training area. Apart from the occasional sound of gunfire, Bodsvedjan is peaceful, with narrow winding streets surrounding residential areas. The city is within cycling distance and the area has a bus line. Residents describe the area as quiet and pleasant, with good walking opportunities.

City center

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  • 1. The river The location by the river is beautiful and the area has an accessible jetty and a fireplace. Along the river is a promenade that leads all the way to the city center. The perception of Boden as 'little Venice' is close at hand.

    Two fishing associations manage and develop fishing in the local area: SFK Börstingen and Bodens Lax & Öringsfiske. The waters below the Boden power station contain both salmon and sea trout (brown trout), grayling and whitefish.
  • 2. Forest and land Nearby are hiking areas with varied nature. The mountain with Åbergsfortet is a well-used recreational area with footpaths, horse trails, ski trails and snowmobile trails. The fort is also popular with climbers. In the forest there are also light trails maintained by Sävast Ski Team IF. In winter there are nice snowmobile trails. A resource for both runners and cyclists is the Boden Fortress trail that runs along the river and can be used throughout the summer.
  • 3. Child-friendly The narrow streets provide a peaceful living environment where children have a lot of freedom of movement. There is a new playground with a cable car, wire towers, swings, climbing houses and more, and a field for ball games. The playground has become a new and popular meeting place in the area. For horse lovers, Boden's riding club and Bodentravet are close by. It is generally easy to get to different leisure activities. For example, within walking and cycling distance there is an indoor football hall run by the municipality.
  • 4. Bus connections Citybus line 1 serves the area with daytime departures from Monday to Saturday.
  • 5. Culture Within walking distance of the area is the Defense Museum, which tells the defense history of Upper Norrland. The building also houses the Boden Art Gallery with both permanent and temporary exhibitions, a café and a museum shop. One of the old office buildings houses a Buddhist temple, Buddharam Temple Boden, also known as the 'House of Peace'. The parish organizes meditation classes and other activities such as dancing and food events.

About the area

The street names in Bodsvedjan reveal the history of the area with names like Kavallerivägen and Artillerivägen. The residential area was established on land that was formerly the area of the defense barracks with stables and storage buildings. Some of the buildings are still there – office buildings – and the artillery regiment’s symbol is on the gates. The former officers’ quarters are now residential. The yellow and red colored buildings in the area are said to date back to a time when horses were kept at the regiment. With the advent of motor vehicles, buildings were painted green. Today there are several companies operating in the area, as well as a biogas plant and fueling station. With the establishment of H2 Green Steel, new temporary housing is planned in the area for the construction workers involved.


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