Fantastic outdoor activities

Fantastic outdoor activities

In Boden, nature is always close and we have a rich outdoor life, which is a big reason why many people choose to live here or move here. Whether you prefer magnificent views, quiet forests or rippling water, you will find it all here, usually just around the corner. This is what we call #närhetsliv .

The forest

Real forest with tall pines that have grown strong for a hundred years, where all you hear is the birds’ song and the wind rustling among the treetops. You are close to it wherever you choose to settle in Boden.

Here we have a rich flora and fauna, always close. In addition to the occasional hare, fox, capercaillie or owl, you will probably encounter the king of the forest at some point. In the winters, there are cross-country ski trails in virtually every village and district thanks to our indispensable enthusiasts around the municipality. And of course countless winding paths to hike. Our fields are rich in berries that have ripened in the midnight light. You can find lingonberries and blueberries everywhere, but the golden cloudberry bogs can be a hidden treasure chests. Welcome to the peace, quiet and tranquility.


Straight through the municipality of Boden, the Lule River flows with Sweden’s probably closest salmon fishery and also an important source of sustainable green energy. A little further north we find the unregulated and beautiful Råneälven with its rushing rapids and rich fishing waters. Along the banks of the river there is a long line of picnic areas with bars and fireplaces well worth a day trip with or without a fishing rod. In the summer, we prefer to swim in the nearest best lake, dive from jetties and swim out into dark waters under bright night skies.

Experiences close to nature

In Boden you are always close to nature. You can discover it for yourself, with others or with a guide. Here is the forest land in the middle between our two river valleys and you are close to the mountain tops.


The city is surrounded by mountains and the hilly landscape is an important part of our image of Boden. If you like skiing, you have really come to the right place. In Boden municipality, there are three ski slopes in different sizes that fit everything from the smallest lad to the alpine national ski team.

Boden’s fortress with its forts and strongholds around the city evokes memories of the past and the adventurer’s desire to discover. Here, the hilly landscape is a matter of course and the many mountain peaks are yours to explore, whether you can not get enough of the breathtaking views or the tickling feeling in your stomach a ride on a mountain bike can give.

The associations

For those of you who like to enjoy nature together with others in an organized way, there is a rich association life with many outdoor and sports associations around the municipality. You can, for example, orienteer with Vittjärvs IK, mountain bike with Sävast CK, or learn more about the forest with the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation. The children get close to nature in Friluftsfrämjandet’s forest activities or Boden’s scouts and courses are arranged in everything from running and skiing to mushroom picking. You will find all associations in our association catalog . Voulenteers from the civil society’s also help to take care of maintaining exercise trails , ski trails , slopes, rest areas and snowmobile trails so there are good opportunities to get out into the woods and fields. The cooperation between the associations and the municipality is very good and in 2020 Boden was named Sweden’s most association-friendly municipality.