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In Boden we live a life of #Närhetsliv. By that we mean the life where you’re close to everything that matters and more – your children’s activities, your job, schools, cultural events, attractive homes, shopping and nature.

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Svartbjörnsbyn, or “Björns” as it is popularly known, is beautifully situated on the southeastern shore of Buddbyträsket, within cycling distance of the center of Boden. The buildings are varied with old houses, 60s and 70s villas and new buildings. The population is equally diverse, with a high proportion of families with children and many active retirees. Svarbjörnsbyn grew up as an agricultural village and is now a quiet and pleasant suburb. The area has pre- and primary schools, playgrounds, soccer fields, a hockey rink and a swimming area. The obvious focal point is Perbackagården, which is run by the old sports association and under whose roof the associations gather. From Svartbjörnsbyn it is easy to get to the center by bus, by bike and on foot. Less than 3 km away is Boden’s Travel Center for transport by county bus and train. About 1000 people live in Svarbjörnsbyn.

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  • 1. Close to nature Svartbjörnsbyn is close to both water and forest. Swimming and fishing lakes are within walking distance. In the summer, there are plenty of sauna rafts on Buddbyträsket, and in the winter, ski trails are drawn around the entire lake. Snowmobilers can easily drive to places like Vittjärv and Storklinten. Dog owners have great walking opportunities and there are also several stables in the area. Rånisgården Western Riding School and Western Farm Adventure Park are just over a kilometer away.
  • 2. Pre-school and primary education Centrally located in the village are Perbacken preschool and Svartbjörnsbyn primary school (F-6). The preschool has two portals and emphasizes outdoor and seasonal activities. Primary schools also make the most of their proximity to nature and outdoor learning opportunities. The school has a library, music room, sports hall and the schoolyard has a playground, field hockey pitches, basketball and football pitches, open grass areas, an ice rink and snowballs. There is also a leisure center with two departments.
  • 3. Rich community life Svartbjörnsbyn has an active association life. Svartbjörnbyns IF (founded in 1936) has previously excelled in rink bandy and now runs the Bossevallen facility with football training for children and young people. The association is also responsible for running the village house Perbackagården. During the day, the premises are rented out to the municipality as an additional pre-school section. In the evening, the farm is used by associations. Popular activities include summer pub nights with music quizzes and the annual October party. Perbackagården has its own kitchen, stage, conference rooms, etc. and can be booked by the public. Another association, Björn Swarte, manages the bakery, which can also be booked, and draws the ski tracks on the lake every winter.
  • 4. Urban community In "Björns" the village spirit is good and the events of the associations attract a wide range of participants. A pub night at Perbackagården often attracts over a hundred people of all ages, from 18 to 80.
  • 5. Beach The local swimming beach is managed by the sports association, which provides a rubbish bin, benches and volleyball nets. With its shallow waters, the beach is popular and appreciated by all ages.

About the area

Svartbjörnsbyn has a long history and is one of the villages whose pastures once formed the original building site of Boden. The oldest buildings are thought to date back to the 12th century. According to legend, the village was named after a Biörn Swarte. An alternative explanation is that björn comes from bjur, meaning beaver, which is why the name Svartbjörsbyn is also used.

Together with Lombäcken, Mockträsk, Norra Svartbyn, Buddbyn, Unbyn and Vändträsk, Svartbjörnsbyn is part of the so-called Söderbyarna. As a curiosity, a species of sweet pea has been named after the village of Svartbjörns. The species is an old native lettuce that has been grown in the same family for several generations.


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